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NGC is a server mrant for gamers and people who want to discuss gaming and anything else nerdy.

Hello! The goal of this server is to create a big community of Pacify players so we can all play together. Invite Your friends and look to fill Your squad here. Have fun!

if you join, just stay. its fun!

Search for parties, make new friends, join tournaments, plug your streams, and more! Come join us today c:

Hi! 😍 Welcome to UnifiQ games! | 🎮 Sandbox RPG game | 👩‍🔬physics-based | 👩‍🏫 educational | 🏹 Explore, Build, Battle | 🎨Low-poly Art | ⚙ Made in UE4

⛧This server is a literal meme! nitro giveaway, league, among us, Pepe emotes ⛧

Grand fleet is a discord server based on king piece, blox fruit and GPO also, Grand fleet is a server that has an active community that is very helpful. This server is also based on anime and games on roblox.


We sell cheap Fortnite products. Including vbucks, Fortnite accounts, and save the world items and carries.

Need a zone just to chill? Your in the correct place! In this server you can meet new people and well, just chill!

- Memes, off-topic, music, manga and anime to even food! - Channels related to Genshin conversations to memes, artworks and even co-op! - Arcade, here you will find channels outside of Genshin. - Organized and maintained server.

A very interesting server, a server that came out weeks ago! We have emojis you can use! And we are also hiring staff!

Chat, Community and Giveaways, etc..


Chill active community for anime, gaming, k-dramas, music, make new friends and have an amazing stay!!

here we hang out and do stuff