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Friendly, community-based sever. A great way to make friends, squander time, and have fun! Don't be afraid to pour your heart out in this server. We will respect whatever you say. Includes self-assignable roles, levels, cool bots, etc. ALL are welcome!

ScarFall is an ultimate shooting game with survival challenge, The best FPS shooting game with battle royale game play.

A place to discuss mistakes in movies and TV shows, also trivia, upcoming movies/shows...basically anything movie-related!

a smol channel for all you memesters 😎👊

Serwer jakiego potrzebujesz

Hello! I'm Preacher and this is Members Only / Very Rare, a growing community. We are looking forward to growing our community and having a nice time with everyone. Join our server! You are always welcome!

Join our new discord- Friends who Rock- for people who want to make new friends. We have music, movie nights, book club, anime and much more. Come join today! Everyone is welcome :)

a sweet server for females— along with feminine and chill people

A fun, non cancerous FEH server. Show your builds and talk about different Nintendo games! Plus we have an NSFW section for you lewd boiz and grills.

Hey Guys!! This is the official FunMasti server.

We offer many different activities as well as have over 20 bots on the discord for you to utilize. Some of the bots are as follows, Purity, Dank Memer, Yggdrasil, Tatsu, and many more! Come check us out to see what we're about!

A place where you and chill and create new friendships.

So you are scrolling through Servers looking for a totally fun, welcoming community of people, toxic- but not too toxic, meme filled, zoomer, boomer, e slags, epic gamers galore? Join Secrets. You wont regret it

Heyo! If you're a Starstable player looking for a new server who doesn't have many members yet, then we might be the right for you. We're currently looking for mods and of course members.

Welcome to the Unofficial Discord server of Tinder. This server is a dating server. You can grab yourself some roles from Regions category, Age category and Hobbies category. You can meet new friends with mutual hobbies.