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Dutch football talk

The official Codeasaurous server. We are a smaller community that enjoy teaching, sharing, and making programs. We code in many languages and all have different skill sets. However we are not just for programming. Our community is small but we have a big

Join this community to relax, chill and vibe. If you ain't already in here join now to be part of the cool kids.

Hey,Good Day! Code Abode is a brand new Discord server. It is mainly based on coding and we have help for all the programming languages i.e Python ,Java ,JS and more. Here you can find help with your programming and meet new people with similar interests.

This is a monster hunter guild i made with friends come join and have fun

**Insurgence USA** was started in 2020 in response to the Gorge Floyd tragedy. The lack of care for the human life was unacceptable so we set out to end police brutality. We then set out to empower and uplifting black and indigenous voices.

a youtuber server with a whole lot more to offer.

We are a community which talks about lots of things like anime gaming and many more.

This server is a tool for all Gamers, Music lovers, streamers and anyone who just wants to connect to communities, other people and hang with their friends.

πŸ₯ For Anime, Art & Cosplay Lovers 🌺 Very Nice Aesthetic Layout 🍑 Cute Emotes and Giveaways 🧁 Reaction Roles and Polls 🌷 Boosting/Voting Perks 🍭 Mental Health Support 🍨 Active Moderators πŸ‘

This is a gaming / Streaming server Are you looking to start playing games or find someone to stream with, then this might be the place for you to go Were currently a small server with people who actively stream,

Totally not a cult of gore or whatever.

We are a GREAT community!!

A new sfw minor (13-17) hypnosis server with some friendly faces! We hope to get enough members to do events and group sessions. We welcome everyone even if you don’t know how hypnosis works, we can explain it to you! Hope you see you there.

A Mcdonald's themed place to chill and make new friends. lgbtq+ friendly / BLM / 13-17 /weekly movie nights / multifandom / have fun!