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NGC is a server mrant for gamers and people who want to discuss gaming and anything else nerdy.

Grab some roles, talk about taking over the world, make friends, play games, vibe on the music chat, and have horror movie nights <3

if you join, just stay. its fun!

Gaming and chilling discord group. Come hang out with us :)

Join a growing community where you can choose between dating or just meeting some new friends, play games or VC chat a lot.

3ds CIA ROM SERVER for finding roms.

Tima's Gaming Community is a community ran by a content creator where we host fun little competitions and everyone is welcome, so if you are looking for friends or people to play with then make sure to join our discord. Hope to see you soon!

here we hang out and do stuff

Welcome to CLJRP | Code Life Justice RP, We are welcoming everyone, hiring STAFF/LEO !!!!

A chill server to relax and interact.

A non - toxic chill server for weebs, gamers, normies and dank aka for everyone. Join our server and chill with us!

Our service trades Options,Stocks,Crypto and Forex with Algos which have been backtested for a period of 2-3 years with a consistent win rate

Welcome to Zelvaillie, home to RP of both story and erotic natures. Vespertine; A resort to living out our fantasies. Notan: offers wonders and dangers to delve with sparse pockets of civilization.

|Elysium| Anime🌸 Gaming🎮 Memes🤣 Events📅 Social💬 Minigames🎲 Level Roles | Gated NSFW Section | No @eveyone | Partnership Program

A fun server where we can get along with each other