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Server for upcoming Modded Minecraft Server, for 1.7.10. Meet other players, establish connections, participate in events, and just chill with everyone. Server launches near Christmas.

Our Mission, Our Values, Who We Are Our mission is to provide the military and first responder communities the opportunity to escape and unwind from their strenuous duties and let off steam among those who they can relate and feel comfortable with.

Rust Takeover-Major Zergs-Tarkov Squads

An alternate-history style Star Wars Role-Play, set a few years after the events of The Clone Wars.

We're a welcoming community and very nice...at times, but if you're really sensitive then you should join but just know, if I don't bully you that means I dont love you <3

Welcome to Sus FNF, a limited free beta sneaker reselling group to make money!

Join this discord if you want to play among us with a lot of people plz

we love weed hot people present

Das ist ein Discord um neue Freunde zu finden, mit anderen Leuten zu spielen oder รผber Animes zu reden und sie gemeinsam zu gucken

This server is u finished because of the bot I am creating If there are any bot developers out there willing to help I would gladly appreciate the help.

Hello Thanks for clicking! We want to have a pretty laidback server, Where everyone can participate and nobody is excluded. There aren't as many rules as some other servers, Although, slander against gender/sexuality/religion etc will not be tolerated!

A server to meet new people, play games and rank up in! There is a ranking system which gives you more permissions as you get higher such as moving people in voice channels. If abused, the role gets removed, simple.

Hey! Weโ€™re the Regalia League! Weโ€™re a server that just opened and we would love to have you. Weโ€™ve got gym battles, trading, free battles, dynamax adventures, and so much more! Itโ€™s like a family here, so feel free to join! Gym Leaders Needed!

Everything you need in a cook group with amazing and helpful staff and guides.

This is a community for anyone who is looking for a safe space to talk about everything horror and video games!! We look forward to getting to know you!

13-17 chub server! server to show off your bellies ( we also have an nsfw section)