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Pay $1 to join this game A randomly chosen winner receives all the money paid by the members (I get a 10% commission) Winner is only one and game starts every week And... can you donate to me? if you want

This server is just for Chilling , Listening to music making friends and Having a good time. You can also play games.

Great place for Gamers, Streamers, content creators and nerds alike! Come hangout and chat, introduce yourself and you may get a few extra friends yourself!

Sıcak Aile ortamı, dizi-film geceleri, canlı maç yayınları ve daha fazlası...

🔥A adversting server with 25+ channels to advertise in and grow your community faster and easier

✦✦--Steve's gang--✦✦ A 13-17 hangout server for people to have fun in. (click to read long description.) Here we have: ✦Memes. ✦kind staff. ✦Non-toxic members. ✦Good staff ✦ And so much more. the server is kinda small atm.

Anivasion is a community that aims to provide people all around the world a place to share their hobbies, make friends, and have fun.We're here to provide a second home for people all around the world to connect.

Welcome to Skeppy Events What do we offer?? We offer: -Regular Skyblock Giveaways -We host a Event everyday - Respectful Owner, Staff, Members -Active Staff, Owner Owner: Ficaro#3670 Manager: Poqbee#0001

-> A welcoming, close, and diverse community to connect with others -> Chatting, gaming, anime, & more! appreciative of all fandoms and interests

This is a server were we have fun talk about gaming

SCP: Rangers takes place in the FICTIONAL, SCP universe. It is located in Site-65, in the county of [REDACTED], Canada. Work at the facility or raid it and free the SCPs. Join our communications server for more!

heyy hello this server is a friendly server and non nsfw server. In this server we talk about games like genshin, mc, obeyme, idv, and more. We also talk about anime or manga spoilers, donghuas and manhwas to. We hope u join!!

This is a fun server.

Among Us France est la 1ère communauté française sur Among Us possédant ses propres serveurs sur le jeu. C'est aussi une communauté Discord et une chaîne Twitch dédiée à l'univers du jeu pour les joueurs PC, consoles et smartphones.

FC Barcelona discord server Talk about football and barca!