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Hey so I create an invite rewards discord server with my friend hopefully you enjoy it

We are trying to gain members so please join our fun and growing server!

This server is for anyone, it is tagged with anime, games, music, and other stuff.

This is just a normal hangout server, we have many fun bots! but a bit of strict rules but as long as you follow them, you should be fine. :D

hello! this is a small server that focuses on studying and planning!

π’Žπ’–π’“π’•π’‚π’π’Šπ’•π’š welcomes everybody! We support LGBTQ+ and BLM! We appreciate it if you join our server, it means the world to us that you care :) Our server is still fresh and new, so please be patient while we expand our server!

A chill community server dedicated to all topics. Server is boosted so you get all the extra addons with the server. Everyone is welcome, join and make this your server!

Anime_ 7 primarily focuses on anime but there are going to be other ROOMS that aren't, for an example gaming. This community is all about being kind towards one another and a safe place for all, we are a LGBTQIA friendly server as well.

This server is made only for gamers, and for those who want to relax, have a great time shortly described. I want to grow with the speed it takes and being part of a community growing together with so many people possible. I hope you all want to join.

A fun server with some bots like akinator and rpg bot. This server is for pretty much anything. (read rules please)

A newly started minecraft community, with focus on a factions based server without claims. The servers name is "Hidden Chaos" and is coming soonβ„’ we hoping to launch it in January. We have an active discord server and lots of helpful staff.

A server for Aussies all around! Want to chat with other Aussies, or find a new Aussie ranked squad? Join Melton South Community Discord! (not affiliated with The Melton Council)

not many people in the server all for fun join to meet new people and find friends

18+ Server to advertise your Onlyfans or Twitch Streaming channel, or just chat with one of your favorite content creators.