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Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria! Enjoy our frightful roleplay, as you tread upon this fun-filled server.

Epic gaming community, literally the best discord you will ever join.

We are a small community looking for new active members!

This server is a small, humble place where you can talk and have fun with your friends! We have contests, ship channels, ect. Make sure to join and meet new friends and people!

Join our discord server we are a gaming discord server we play among us and we are also a game developer server as well we do nitro giveaways and we have both egirls and eguys! Our server is genuinely cool https://discord.gg/ExfCrSK

Q3plus is a mod for Quake 3 based on Excessive Plus, Quake Live physics, weapon settings and other QL elements. We are hosting daily FT matches on clanv.eu, as well as pickup games and events during the week on Q3PLUS server, make sure to check it out!

˗ˏ✎The Gothic Gala RP is a semi-literate to literate rp in the fantasy genre. It is an english server, though, so please roleplay in english!

A small anime-gaming community that would welcome new users like little imoutos saying okaerinasai to their onii-chans.

Just a fun place to talk and make new friends. play videogames, Listen to Music, and laugh at memes! See You There :)

We are just a community of people, who like to irritate zoophiles on twitter

A Danganronpa talent swap au roleplay server! Choose any character and talent you want and enjoy roleplaying with other people!

Hello my name is Daelen I am a small content creator on YouTube. I created this server for people can chill and meet new people or have time to cool down if they had a rough day. If you feel like joining go ahead I can wait to see u in chat.

Minecraft Building is a Minecraft showcase building & Builder finding server. With many unique features ================================= - Unique Channels & Roles - Super Active - Giveaways And More! =================================

We talk about any and all things pokemon

A place where people can come hangout and make new friends! Play games like among us, war frame, call of duty, and more!