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Guten Tag meine liebe Gamer und Gamerinnen, Auf unserem Server lassen sich Träume von Teamplay, Spaß und Spiel erfüllen. Mit einem freundlichen Admin und Supporter (auch Stoner genannt) Team, was für Gerechtigkeit, Fairness und Spaß sorgt.

Nev CIty is a place where many Projects become a Home!

Chill, Social, Valorant, and CODM Server.

꒰🖍️꒱cute aesthetic₊˚๑ ꒰🍊꒱friendly + non-toxic environment‧₊˚⊹ ꒰🧩꒱activities!₊˚๑ ꒰🫐꒱pm opportunities!♡₊˚ ❜

Welcome to OUR Kekistan. Population: 69420 Kekistanis, 0 normies. What we do: - We share fucked up/wholesome memes - We pray to the sauce gods for quality porn regularly - We view movies/tv shows/anime together sometimes :)

This is an all-inclusive Eastern witchcraft and hangout server. No faith or beliefs are required, and all practices are welcome!

Welcome to Cona Island! Please feel to msg/talk in the appropriate channels, this is a Gaming, Music/Production, and Profession based discord, invite your friends as well!

We are just a bunch of peeps that hope to make friends with those that we don't know yet! We hope to see you there!

CollectiveWorld is a new and growing community that has been made to grow very large. We here at CollectiveWorld, are very nice to all of our members and very welcoming to everyone.

Quack! Welcome to Quacc HQ, a fun place to hang out and chill! We offer a wide array of things in our server, all with the intent of improving your experience!

This server is primarily geared for people living in Alabama. Non-Alabamians are welcome, too, especially those traveling to or through the state or those who have family living within Alabama

・gaming, social, music, custom level roles, original buiomoji emotes, buio bot, and more!

Gunzodus Advertising Are you looking to GROW your discord server? well, stop searching! you've found the right place. Join with us now!

Looking for a fun, active server? wholesome, and funny community? Well, you've found the place! come and join us on our many adventures!

This server is a community of people, gamers and streamers! We are a small community looking to grow and welcome new people.

Hello there! Join our server if you are into Anime or any kind of Art or Gaming or if you want to chill while chatting with others.Our server is new but we are trying to grow bigger,why not help us? Join and HAVE FUN!