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We are a server dedicated to making the Israeli community grow, know each other and play with each other, Whether you are looking for friends who share your love for the game, or just someone to climb the ranks with, This is the place for you!

영어 / 한 ℕ𝕀𝔾ℍ𝕋 𝕀𝕊𝕊𝕌𝔼𝕊 is a place where you can chill, make friends and sleep. I hope you enjoy your stay. Note: Please follow all the rules. Breaking any rules will give you a warning we have a ZERO TOLERANCE and if rules are broken multiple time

Hey glad you're here! We are a Band from Austria and Building a Server for both like minded people and Fans! 😊

Welcome to The Raiding Room! [RR] We are a streaming and gaming community. We have Vikings from Australia, UK, America and all over the world! We have a massive community of streamers and we love supporting new streamers!

➕➖Need Math help?✖➗ Want to show off your own knowledge? Here, you can post any GCSE maths questions (HOMEWORK😎🤫) and let our community answer them for you or you can answer questions for others to show off your knowledge on maths.

A Smallish community of people to talk to and to be blunt not a lot of people talking!

Een gezellige nederlandstalige Among us LFG community server om met andere mensen te spelen en gezellig te chatten!

Based on the Riordan Universe of greek mythology, CHB: New Bloods is a fresh start into the world of being a demigod, Learn who your godparent is, go on epic quests, train your powers, make friends, and participate in exceptional RP! Join today!

The name says it all. Ages 21+ may only join. This server is new and growing. This server is no small talk. We want to build a community who want to have deep intellectual conversations.

Just trying to make a community for people

Hi! This is a really good community! And most people in this server play MADFUT! We do a lot do giveaways! And we have our own custom bot, come and try it out!

A place where you can chat with the most friendly people, catch Pokemon, and even make your own real legitimate money! There's a whole bot in place for both that and custom Hell based currency! Don't miss your opportunity, and join right now!

Scandi Isle is based around The Isle and Beasts Of Bermuda. At the moment we provide a 30 player Chill BoB server.

This is a server made for people that wants to hang out with people with the same interests as you.

an active and fun community! talk with like-minded gamers and be included in fun events such as game nights, competitions and more! 30+ emotes / friendly staff and members / game chats valorant, minecraft, roblox, genshin impact, apex, vrchat, jackbox