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It's Blockchain, but fun! Join the MarketSquare Discord to discover your next favorite Blockchain projects, score sweet NFTs, and chat in our AMAs. We're waiting!

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[💻] A great place to hangout, play games, & make friends in a safe environment. [🔥] Active, friendly, & supportive community. [⬆️] 500 members & growing.

Our server is just for making new friends and talking to others! :D

Minimal Moderation, mostly 18+, Social server w/ ranks, custom bots, game keys in shop, and more!

Very important Info if you want to join : You need to be 17 or Older to Join This Discord-Server, due to planned events / giveaways and trips in the future. Support and respect each other as our motto says "Better-Together"

OSRS Services is the premier place to service your Old School Runescape account. All work is hand performed by hard working Venezuelan players. No bots. Our prices are the best around. Check us out.

So this is a roleplay server. Its a Pokemon roleplay server. You can rp as your favorite characters. Or an OC! This resort is waiting for you! We are a family friendly server that is 11+. So come now and join!

Keio is a gaming server, I can promise that the games you like to play will be appreciated here. Great way to find new people!

We are vF a community server that will help you to find the right people to play with on all sorts of games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, Counterstrike and Rust. Founded in 2017 by 2 former Semi-Proffesional esporters.

A large gaming community with players of every level! ✌️ Join our fun chats today! ✅ https://discord.eahdWME

A waifu/husbando collection bot!

This is a new server where people can connect with other music producer's to either make stuff or just need help with something. If you want you can also just chill and interact with new people and make new connections

Robotics for All is a server where students can share their knowledge about STEAM and robotics while also learning from others. We have an amazing community where we share latest STEAM news and give like-minded students the opportunity to connect.

A chill and welcoming server