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Zaichik is all about giving people a chance to find new people, make new friends or just to hang out. Our community is very friendly and open to all sort of people.

Pay $1 to join this game A randomly chosen winner receives all the money paid by the members (I get a 10% commission) Winner is only one and game starts every week And... can you donate to me? if you want

Welcome to Team Vale We are a new team on the rise looking for some underrated and quality talent!

💔 HenCord ▸ https://discord.gg/YfEnDwXNN5 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━ 💜 Hentai ▸ Episodes ▸ Arts 💗 Porn ▸ Vídeos ▸ Photos 🎀 Character collection 🎮 Games 📚 Mangas 🎶 Music 💥 Spam 🌅 Wallpapers

A small unofficial server about Raspberry Pi, packed with great buying advice, a custom bot with setup commands and a great, chill community! Everyone Welcome!

Hello! The goal of this server is to create a big community of Pacify players so we can all play together. Invite Your friends and look to fill Your squad here. Have fun!

Welcome to vibe, we are an all-inclusive, lgbtq-friendly server for anyone who likes art, anime, gaming, simply just chatting, we have many bots, unique channels and events, daily polls, movie nights, and more! We hope to see you there!

German discord server meet friends find games

A friendly and welcoming community!

FC Barcelona discord server Talk about football and barca!

❤ Welcome to SnowFlake's Community! SnowFlake's Community is a friendly, diverse and inclusive hangout community with members from all over the globe!

Hey, Entra A far parte dell branco!!! Potrai avere la opportunità di parlare con noi XwQ!

YOUR GO-TO ENTERTAINMENT CAREER RESOURCE! Discover how to systematically create a successful entertainment career. Connect with Broadway Performers, Emmy Nominees, Top Choreographers, and People just like you navigating the industry! Unlimited Masterclass

Wanting to grow your stream and have fun in the process? We got you! In this server we connect with other streamers, share awesome facts and art, and hold fun events.

недавно созданный сервер начинаем развиваться

A system friendly not only writing server! We have lots of cool stuff, that includes many fun bots and activities like roleplay, debbates or word sprints! All of this in its separated channel, for you to not see without optional role! Nobody wants notifs.