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Want to find your soulmate, or just want to find friends? Join Discord Dating Server!

Welcome to The Gaming Hut! This is a server for people who enjoy gaming with a relaxed community that's all about having fun!

Pay $1 to join this game A randomly chosen winner receives all the money paid by the members (I get a 10% commission) Winner is only one and game starts every week And... can you donate to me? if you want

Otherside is a Large Teen Based Discord Server

cool minecraft smp server

Hey guys I'm Gravidon! Join my Discord Server to connect with a community of cool peeps and stay notified on important updates for all of my creative ventures (twitch streams, community events, music production, giveaways, etc).

Seeking a server where u could make friends? Cloud Cafรฉ is just what u need!! There's always someone there to welcome you and you'll be able to meet new people. We have a variety of chats and we're always up for any suggestions. join now!

Zaichik is all about giving people a chance to find new people, make new friends or just to hang out. Our community is very friendly and open to all sort of people.

Seeking a place to play Yu-Gi-Oh or Smash, talk about hobbies, or even just hang out? Eli's Friends is all about playing, discussing, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of channels to suit almost any topic, so if that sounds great, join now!

New upcoming gaming discord thatโ€™s organized to the top and community priority

Aiming to create a PCOS support community that doesn't use exclusionary, gendered language

This is a server where you can sell or buy roblox design like roblox cloth designs, gfx, buildings and models and more! We also include adopt me tradings and helps!

A place to hangout and get to meet people!!

Be rewarded for being one of the first to join our freshly created Pianity Server about Music NFT. - INFOS & ADVICE ๐Ÿ‘† - AMAZING COMMUNITY / FUN - TOKENS GIVEAWAYS ๐ŸŽ

Dangerous Gaming is a small community of streamers and viewers alike! dedicating ourselves to supporting one and other as best we can!