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Chill active community for anime, gaming, k-dramas, music, make new friends and have an amazing stay!!

This is a place for you and your friends.

Oh, it looks like you found Meraki~ Your safe space to chill after a long and tiring day. Wanna join our community? πŸ§‹

Come join AlvaroVapes and chill with us

We are just a group of friends that hang out and play video games together.

Hello! *18+?* Looking to join a new and rapidly growing community server based around making friends? Look no further.

The best community thriven Rust LFG Discord server. Simplicity is key. Hop into the action directly! Our Server has HQ Audio Channels for you to use! Also visit our site at https://rustlfg.com

It a chilling server full of nice people! We have A 24/7 Music Radio to chill in and an relax. Have fun chatting with people in here and play games by joining Voice Chat with games category (e.g. Roblox and Minecraft). Hope you will have a fun time :D

Hello Children Welcome to 🌸୨୧ ɒʀᴀᴄᴇ ꜰΙͺα΄‡ΚŸα΄… Κœα΄α΄œκœ±α΄‡ ΰ­¨ΰ­§ ☁

Welcome to Cookies World! Here you can find new friends, participate in draws and much more. We are a very friendly server and love all of our members. Join us!

-LGBT Friendly -Artist Community -The Isle -Path Of Titans -Primal Carnage -Pokemon -Movie Nights -General Hangouts Come join us and get ready for unique game mods and servers for a wide variety of games!

Buy the most popular games for 60-80% discounts! Join, order and play! It’s that easy.

do anything that u want k.

A nice, non strict, sfw community waiting for YOU to join!

The Crypto Den is the all you need server for your crypto needs! We provided active news, new coins, and many giveaways! Join us today to level up your crypto experience.

This server is a server where you can join a minecraft from this