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My jsme česká a slovenská komunita hráčů her.

We are a new Star Wars discord server. We have fun emojis, roles, and bots. We also have a very nice discord server with just a few rules.

A community server with tons of things to do from talking with other to customizing your roles to make it suit you best. NITRO GIVEAWAYS EVERY 100 MEMBERS.

- Free private servers - Grinding - 10 tail grinds - Community helpers - Exams + More

Vibe! Thats what were doing here in the vibe zone. We talk, we chill, we game, we listen to music, we dont sleep, we're bored and most of all, we talk. I said talk twice because thats what we do. After we get members, and thats where you guys can help


someplace to hang out with friends and fans my YouTube is the server name

Want to make new friends? Help grow a community? Play games with people? Join Nova’s Lounge!

We play all sorts of games together so come and join the fun, maybe you'll get special rewards the longer you're here such as free games and more! What's not to like huh? :)

Welcome to your very own personal, chatting, gaming, pogging paradise.

We talk about everything here.

In short, we are a community of gamers of all kinds who are here to support streams and even find friends to play like games with. We have many other things to do in discord besides just chatting. And we are always up to suggestions!

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Chiruanime. This server is a small community for people with one same interest, anime! Discuss anime, manga, subs and dubs. Chiruanime is a safe-space for all anime watchers to stay in, to chat, discuss and entertain.

Warzone mainly server but we always find something new to swich things up. We sometimes also host modded MC servers!

Welcome To The Cult Server ✭ Requirements: - You must swear loyalty to Putin. - You must obey and worship Putin. - Don't be toxic to other people.

En liten Discord server som behöver mer uppmärksamhet och fler aktiva medlemmar.