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This is a fun server.

Discord Updates is a server for everything relating to Discord and its updates!

A little gaming community filled with people from various games ranging from cod mobile-pubg mobile, fortnite, league of legends and many others c:

Oh hello there! We are the axolotl's trying to get new axolotl's This is a small server that have their own special community, economy, minigames and etc! C'mmon join us !

Come join my server and help me grow my twitch community and Discord. Meet new cool people to chat and play games with. Please read the server rules and have fun!!

If you're in need of a Clash Clan or just want a friendly community to hang out with, join SouL Clash!

This is a chill gaming /chatting server.

It is an NSFW BDSM themed server!

Make new friends Chat whit others Give me some video ideas Play games share your arts

-> A welcoming, close, and diverse community to connect with others -> Chatting, gaming, anime, & more! appreciative of all fandoms and interests

comfy cozy place for sleepy friends to sleep (no redditors no babies no races of people i dont like ( you know who you are)) we have cool emojis so you can like join just for that i guess

Hello y’all I can’t wait for y’all to join my server 🥳

Fantasy roleplay server. mixture of teen wolf, the vampire diaries, the originals and a few stuff of our own. Super friendly community and staff, dont be shy to reach out to the admins for help! We also give out headpats.. (;

very fast-growing server, Best ERP (Erotic Roleplay) server with NSFW channels including a hentai gallery and a lot more. 18+ lewd emojis and a really nice owner <3

Hey! Looking for a Fun and Chill Server to join well look no further Galaxy Stevious is the place for you! In our server we play games together(Including Drinking games for those of age), watch movies/anime and just hang out having a really good time.