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Hey, this is where people stream, chat, live stream, share and etc!

https://youtu.be/ODqYQXOpg1c ⚜Poetic Rhyme⚜ 🎶Lyrical Junkies 1🎶 🔆Rhyming Freaks🔆 🕯Poetry Addicts🕯 🏘Writing community🏘 •◇•Discord server where writers can meet new writers and grow from one another•◇• https://discord.gg/CyKUcMy

The name says it all. Ages 21+ may only join. This server is new and growing. This server is no small talk. We want to build a community who want to have deep intellectual conversations.

☠ To my fellow discordians. This server is all about the color black.

Mycology/Psychedelic themed server. Discuss your experiences or others, discuss mushroom cultivation and learn new techniques

A new anime themed server for those who are looking to share their interests and hangout with people just like them. We host watch parties and events every week, and we host game nights too! So what are you waiting for? Join Otaku!

an active and fun community! talk with like-minded gamers and be included in fun events such as game nights, competitions and more! 30+ emotes / friendly staff and members / game chats valorant, minecraft, roblox, genshin impact, apex, vrchat, jackbox

We hope you join this gaming server . Mostly we play among us or we chill and talk and enjoy and meet new people . Are server is great for meeting friends and gaming .

A place where you can chat with the most friendly people, catch Pokemon, and even make your own real legitimate money! There's a whole bot in place for both that and custom Hell based currency! Don't miss your opportunity, and join right now!

Heyy ✨ It's an active among us server where you can make great friends,have fun and chill. We're a social server where we play games and chat. It'd be really cool if you stop by :) For further details contact me on discord , naira.31#0326.

luv hurts official is focused around the music collective luv hurts. this server gives members the opportunity to discuss music and collaborate on songs with other members. the server is mainly focused on hyperpop/cloud rap but all genres are welcome.


Comunidad de juegos no toxica y amigable

This is a support sever for a new bot coming

This server is dedicated to Minecraft mods. Such as Little Maids Mod, TouhouMaid, and my mod, Little Delicacies. We welcome all who enjoy these mods or simply enjoy the maid aesthetics.