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Small Creators Collective is a BIPOC & LGBTQ+ inclusive artist space for small artists to have their works promoted. Please join us!

Excuse me what is a server for minecraft and servers such as hypixel, cubecraft and more. We also play among us in Excuse me what.

A community for creepypasta lovers, writers and readers.

Just server where u can vibe

Just a new discord server we are trying to grow Please join ;)

The Nerds is an active 17+ community discord promoting the idea of being social in a COVID time! We have plenty of channels for both text and talk over many different topics such as games, pc's, anime, and more.

Hallo, wir laden euch ein auf unseren öffentlichen, auf Sandalen und FKK spezialisierten Server zu kommen. Er wurde am 27.06.2020 gegründet und Leitung besteht aus 2 Leuten. Er ist für Leute, die gerne Sandalen tragen und nackt sind.

Potato Smarts is a small community aimed to help students with assignments. We are a small community but very helpful and looking to grow!

The Drumfire01 Community Server is for people of all ages to come hang out and have fun.

This server is a place for you to become a part of a community where you can make new friends, hangout, and have fun, all in a safe environment where people are kind and care about you.

A small community its just memes and cringed !

Just a server full of shit posting and cool kids🥰

Max. 20 players. For 13 and under. Moderator bots. Play Among Us games.

Play Genshin, Bust a nut, Watch anime, Write a sentence in essay, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

The Aurora is a server for LGBTQ+ youth and allies aged between 13-21 based entirely off of Antarctica featuring extensive channels and active mods! We may have frosty temperatures, but we have warm hearts and look forward to you joining our iceberg!

a fun and (hopefully growing) community with a respectful staff and active ownership