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https://discord.gg/q7C4q6J6Xe Discord server where we just play random FiveM server's and we own it with everyone jumping on and being one massive army taking over city's for the fun :)

The Detroit of Discord servers.

Join The Duck Pond 🦆 We are a social community based on no censorship. We like to play games, talk about music, drugs, or anything your heart desires.

A alternative version of the original VeCa.

KBOB is a server who strives to unite one another. We are also a server who loves kpop and boba which is how the name KBOB was born. We host movie nights and game nights for now. Any one is welcomed.

My server isn’t anything special, but we do offer a ton of things to do! Such as, Plenty of chats, NSFW channel (if you’re i to that), gaming, memes and much much more. We would appreciate it if you come stop by.

Welcome to our server! We are small but with your help will grow to be one of the most epic of discords! Come play games with us, watch movies or just chat. We’re an open community of social outcasts and welcome all. Even the unicorns.

server for pfps & chill, join and make friends!

Hey, nice to invite you to the discord server where you can find gifs and photos for your avatar and j4j

We like to play games. Streaming every saturday.

to be the specialist one join us to be the greatest famliy on discord

A fun place to chill out

This server is made up of fairly mature players that's wanting to enjoy Rainbow Six Siege. Toxicity is no-more.

A Fun Server For hanging and chatting around with other teens!

Mmmmmm bacon is place where you can do what you want and meet new people or your friends.

a perfect server for making friends, art, anime, gaming, memes and more 🖤 everyone is wellcome!