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Disfolk is the perfect place for discussing folk music of any country. Here you can find listeners of Traditional Folk, Folk Rock, Folk Metal, Neofolk, etc. Feel free to share any music you want and make new friends.

Aviation Hub is a community for every aviation lover: simmers, real life pilots, spotters and other aviation passions. Various music bots, a 24/7 radio, tools to prepare for the flight, fun commands, latest news and others.

Welcome To Karuta Paradise. We are here to help new players and veteran players of Karuta.

Hello and welcome to xBOMBx! This is a server dedicated to gaming (top rated games are: Apex Legends, Rocket League, CoD MW and so on...) Find people to play with you, make new friends, stream videos, listen to music and much more!

Welcome to Marauder Party! This server is multipurpose where you can just chat(about anime?), play games (Mainly mobile or PC), or do different hobbies (Like Music!) while connecting with random people

A chill fun and friendly place to meet and interact with new people around the globe

☣️─────PIKOUCHU SERVERS─────☣️ 🎈─Party 🧠─Zombie Panic! 🧠─Zombie Panic! Source 💎─Minecraft 💯─Memes ✅─Active 🌐─pikouchuservers.com

Join server for metalheads and gamers with lot of features to help you as musician or stremer<3 We have friendly staff, movie nights, fun bots a lots of more.

Friendly active server that'll help you advertise your servers, bots & social media advertising! We do partnerships & we even have emojis!

We're a server focused on gamedev. We aim to create a community where people can help and learn from each other!

A fast growing server with lots of friendly members, unique features, fun emotes, and more!

A friendly, welcoming community to advertise and grow your Discord Servers, Social Media, Websites etc. This server provides expertly designed channels to ensure you have the best experience while in our server.

A place to hangout and chill.

Es una comunidad agradable donde pasaras momentos únicos e inolvidables, diviértete con los demás usuarios en nuestros eventos, sorteos y en nuestros canales de diversión. Es un servidor libre de expresarte mientras no afectes a nadie. ¡Te esperamos!

The Dark End Studios Discord Server is a place for members all throughout the gaming community to gather. Most of us are more technically minded so it's a great place to dissect games of the current era and talk about what makes them tick!