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Hello we are a chill community based in Sweden & Germany

The Great Hall is a community for tabletop role playing game players.

Hello welcome to The Shit Shack, we are a growing all inclusive community who have lots of things to offer. This server is not for e-dating however we would love you to meet new people!

This server about gaming. Overall ROBLOX and Minecraft. Feel free to chat and make friends here. [Note : We're hiring moderators]

We have lots of fun bots to mess around with for gaming, music, ranking, roles selection etc. We have lots of channels for memes, media and art share, industry news and releases notifications.

Pridelands.me | Monthly Nitro Giveaways, Welcoming Community, Self-Promotion. Join our growing server to enter monthly Nitro Giveaways and chat with over 100 other members!

a bunch of people who are very friendly and sweet hoping to make friends over shared music interests!

We are a growing lgbtq community with loads of channels for every topic! Currently we’re like 90% a NSFW server, where we have a good but smaller amount of sfw chats.

Welcome to the Paw Plaza, a small community for furries who still haven't found a community they feel home and welcomed in. We accept everyone and anyone, even humans :O Click join now and be part of the Paw Plaza!

a server made for bonding &' entertainment * pfp server

Чат на разную тематику. Всё и обо всём.

A small and friendly community with Music, Gaming, off-topic, and other channels! We also have a custom bot plus tacoshack and even an XP leveling system and permission and XP giveaways!

A Star Wars server for all fans (especially Mandalorian fans) to hang out!

hello and welcome to our discord community page we are a small but active community we shitpost and meme here this is a 18+ discord community and is a youtube community/friends server