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A place for Steven Universe fans to chill hangout be apart of a LGBT Friendly community and just all out have fun

It's a gaming server for people to hangout.

JavaScripters/ECMAScripters is a place where programmers who use ECMAScript, whether on the client side or the server, and whether they are using native JavaScript, Typescript, or even Coffeyscript, can talk, ask questions, and more!

---New server--- Trying to build a fun community make friends to play games play anigame bot with others Server Economy/Levels etc. JOIN NOW AND BECOME AN ACTIVE MEMBER

We offer the cheapest cold war zombies bot lobbies. these lobbies are best to get camos and level and gun levels done very fast. our promise is a safe reliable service. with trustworthy staff and an active community. please join our discord!

Hello, and welcome to the server! This server has been my passion project for a while now, and now i'm starting the long journey to gaining members. We have 4 custom roles that you can choose and lots of channels to talk in, with memes and bots. Have fun!

毋h is a small but growing Anime/Manga group that intends to bring together all anime and manga fans from all over the world! Our goal is to create a nice place for people to chat relatedly and have fun, come say hi!

A place to talk about the Claire Luvcat and her 10 cats, associated with the brand CreamHeroes and her other channels.

Alicia's Cafe This server is newly rebuilt, active and growing! Our community is focused more on fun and entertaining activities! Come and join and make new friends <3

We like to have fun and we are all chill. And we all like to play games.

Just a chill community, needing members!

Just a random rainbow six discord server, trying to grow our community :)

CarZilla is a car themed server that offers a chill place to have great time with fellow members. Even though the main appeal is cars, we do offer much more than that only. A friendly server that you can meet amazing people from all around the world :)

A place where HP fans can come together and discuss their favourite book/movie with one another and even have an HP marathon with you want

This is our server, The Game Hub. We are very proud of our server and would like you all to join. We don't have many rules but one big one is, HAVE FUN!!