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It's just your normal everyday Discord server with a general, piss zone, polls and YouTube and gaming conversations.

Ahoy there fellow human! Looking for an all-inclusive gaming and chatting server? The good news is that your search ends here.

Looking for chill people to vibe and play games with online :) Right now we are a small group of friends just playing games so if you want to join up, me and my friend Isaiah welcome you to the server!

~Join Wasteland ~self-roles ~bots and more ~all ages are Welcome

YourSupport, your ideal discord bot support. Join us today to become staff or just come along for some help! We also offer some conversation channels!

Chill little place for people to play among us ^^

Your name needs to end with Pasta with no spaces. At the #voting channel, for the first message, click the second reaction, and for the 4th message, click the 2nd reaction.

a chill server for my tiktok(10k) about anime and other stuff when somebody is active a mod role will be given

A discord to watch movies, listen to music and socialice with weebs like you, might as well chat in spanish but dont be afraid to say hi!

¡Bienvenido a la comunidad más divertida! Disponemos de una agradable comunidad con variedad de salas de diversión como salas de cine, conciertos.. ¿A que esperas? ¡La comunidad más divertida y acogedora te espera!

My discord server for my Youtube Channel so i can get ideas and talk to subscribers and to grow my community!

The Wise er en dansk server hvor alle medlemmerne er danske.

• Fun community with helpful members. • Active chat. • Group projects/ensembles. • Host your own practice sessions. • Talented musicians. • All musicians accepted. • Informal for learners. • Always accepting new members!

Northern Outpost is a competitive Call of Duty community created by sweats, for sweats. Our server allows players to not only find others of equal or higher skill, but also to begin competing for real world prizes.

A new Dutch-speaking Roller Champion community! Feel free to join and play with us!