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We are a new, growing server looking for active members to socialize with.

Another roleplay made by friends.

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This chilled out server is mainly for making new friends and playing games. Staff is nice and you are comfortable in it.

Amazon gift cards legit proof in server.

A group for YouTubers and streamers to get to know more people and post their content to get helpful reviews... It's a place everyone wishes for.

Jupiters Haven is an anti toxic multi fandom anime roleplay and hangout server. We are somewhat of a "shelter" for those who don't want anymore toxic servers

Discord server to chill and talk about anime.


Liberosis is a sfw, non-toxic, and lgbt+ safe community/ hangout server that has a good atmosphere. This server is focused for those who want to make new friends or connections.

The Creation Hub. A community by devs, for devs!

Active community! Lots of sponge-tacular emojis!

This discord is for those brave enough to cross the line for humor, but also for fun...

Have you been looking for this server? I know I have. So many questions and discussions, but nobody to ask or debate to. Luckily, everyone here has been a fan since SAMP/MTA which is also on the table for bringing back those memories.

It’s a server that prioritises on mudae bot. We are trying to grow so go ahead and give the server a try.

a non-toxic small wholesome group of friends who like to chill and have fun! we play games and have an aesthetic, but simple layout with bots and emotes ♡ we are looking for server partners as well, so if you have a non-toxic community looking for partner