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csgo community, just join the voice channel if u want to queue

A server all about entertainment. Listen to music, read Reddit posts and more!

hii we're looking for pms ( partnership managers) and some staff, we also need this server to get active so feel free to chat whenever u want <3! enjoy ur stay.

Join or be tonight’s biggest loser.

Leisure and unfettered chatter. For all those who've longingly reached toward this, it has been made opportune.

Hi, if you're interested in a new, different R & R server, with upcoming events and a nice set of rooms and ranks, I encourage you to join up in "The Coffeehouse ☕" and invite your friends. Thanks:) https://discord.gg/EgvsnKKRFD

Aca esto es un server LATAM y aca podras spamear tus servers pero en canales respectivos

our server is a community made server no drama is allowed no innapropiate languange no nfsw

A place to make friends, and have fun!

Shibe country is a server that might be made for you! This server provides.. Active Staff! Fun evens! Awesome roles and level awards and more!

The server for the game's community!

-cute emojis -cute roles -voice chats -fun bots -friendly community -meet new people!

Join if your interested in ROBLOX , CS:GO , fortnite , minecraft , trading or just winning money . Also get notified whenever a new roblox item releases . When dming for partnerships you must have a simular amount of members as this server

- The Anime Chads! official discord - Reddit rules where your opinion is invalid - True gender equality - Partnerships - Cringe content

Valhalla is a gaming server looking for members. We mainly play Among Us and Minecraft but anyone can suggest other games to play as well. We have over a hundred members and are looking to grow even bigger.