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This is a pfp server with banners and more We don’t have that many members because this was made 2 days ago and we’re trying to grow this server, if you would join it would be highly appreciated and be active pls.

A mental health safe space that offers support and resources to help improve your wellbeing.

Chill Cabana Are you looking for a place to hangout? Do you wanna participate in nitro giveaways and events? Are you looking for a place to just have the fun of your life?

A competitive community for the game Team Sonic Racing! Join for some casual Sonic discussions and some competitive fun.

Just a chill NSFW friendly server where both SFW and NSFW artists can may come to hang out or advertise their work to boost their platform.

Server di italiano dove si puo giocare con i bot e stare in vocale con altre persone/amici SERVER IN BETA PER ORA

✨ Created in 2016 by a Medical Student πŸ‹ Professional Athletes involved πŸ‘£ Beginner Friendly πŸ‹ Training & Form checks πŸ” 1 to 1 support πŸ” Meal prep & Diet Advice πŸ€– Custom Bot ... and more!

Hiiii!!! I love cosplay and I make tiktoks! Of course the title is a joke and you never have to send money. But i have a total of 1.09$ in my account and cant work :( if u want to send me the funds I will cosplay your waifu or your favorite character! :))

korean server that plays caca games, dont join if ur a koreaboo >:(

Join us today today to create a better future tomorrow! Welcome to Inzooka Incorporated, we are a new and upcoming casual Splatoon Team looking for members or just active playmates. Join us today!

PC, Tech, Gaming. Support, advice and sales of all things PC, Tech and Gaming whether it be Graphics Card stock, Software advice, Hardware troubleshooting and Giveaways!. Whatever it is our team at EZPC and community have you covered.

MuHaven is a Discord server for the MU* community in general. Looking for new games to play on, or old players you used to create with? Need to recruit for your game or ask for game development help? Are you completely new to the hobby? Join us!

This server is mainly made for gaming, anime, art, pokefans, entertainment, fun, etc

Another fun place to make friends and role play with others 18+, manga and anime discussion and other fun things. Come join and hang out with us :) (we do ID check)

This is the place to get assistance with your code or just have a general discussion about programming.

Los Moneda Hermanos is the gold standard for Hypixel Skyblock Coin Shops with the best and most competitive prices around.