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An open free form RP server based around a fantasy world, with deep lore, known as The Veils. RP can be guided through specific storylines, quests, and missions, or completely freeform with just yourself, some friends, and the option of NPCs.

Hangout/Discussion/Anime server where people can talk about any thing but make sure you read the rules once youve joined

Welcome to Caca Community! This is a fun social server with giveaways, game nights, and other events for people to participate in. People are also free to engage in conversation about their favorite shows, games, pop culture, and more. Enjoy your time!

We sell/trade every thing from any game possible in roblox that's not all, our prices are the cheapest ones out in the whole market. Come join us for the best things with lowest prices possible.

A center for learning about all kinds of topics.

We are a fairly new communtiy of gamers and we are trying to expand our community as much as possible. We got a Fairly small list of games we play for now but we will expand in the short future.

Come and join Bernard — the true hero of Megamind.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! It's been some time since I've posted here about the project. Some of you may have been aware of the D&D-esque race sheets I made last year for funsies and then ultimately turned into a project for a few of us.

Hey This is the streamer hub Chat to streamer Meet new ones And also be a supporter on the discord and just stick around Monthly events And cool wars So hope to see you there and make sure to read the rules!!

Stoka je český server je sice celkem malý ale je dobrý.

This is a community for any and all people interested in computers and programming.

A brand new server that is multi-themed. It can be used for gaming, musicians, programmers, artists, writers, singers, etc. - This server offers you tons of bots, application for staff through a test, and friends! -

A Vibing Community

Our server is based on anime and friends, Roleplay, chat, play games with, and vent! we also do partnership when we're bigger. We also have anime release datums and other things based on anime. I wish you have fun!