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Hi we are Dross, a fun server for people to meet new friends and play games. Please join and stay safe!

An RP Server set in a Zombie Apocalypse, has an ongoing narrative as well as a lot of quirks to be different to other RP Servers but also to spice things up

**Welcome to venusdakids discord!!! All our staff and members are glad you’re here to join us!

Totally not a cult of gore or whatever.

A server community server that welcomes everyone to play together and hang out. We make it our goal to create save and active enviroment.

Currently a small server looking to expand friendly staff and community no super strict rules or staff A great server to promote your streams, have a chat, find someone to game with As the server grows it will be adapted and made to suit everyone

This is a friendly, and loving server where you can chat, meme etc! Join the fun community. Trust me, it's "Juicy"! Maybe you might even be able to use NFSW, who knows? ;)

Private Active Cracked Games. Exclusive Game Mods. Arma 3 Based Server And more Cracked Games Configured see full descriptions (NO NEED TO HAVE GAME ACCOUNT)

Wanting to express your love for pigeons but nobody wants to hear you? Then join Pigeons' Realm where you can talk about pigeons all you would like!

Exclusive Animal Crossing group for pet groomers! We accept groomers of all kinds; whether you work with dogs, cats, farm animals, etc as long as you play AC you're welcome to join! **Currently accepting staff applications: https://forms.gle/ZXbPG5Y7utL4q

This Discord offers multiple game categories, reaction roles to get access to these categories, and are always open to adding new games to our list! We are a smaller server so far, but our community is great! Join today to find others to play games with!

**welcome to passione** a fun, JJBA themed server! *we have* - tone tags and tws - active staff - channels for art, music, gaming, etc - aesthetic server

We chat about genshin news and other random stuff

Join today and meet new people many things to do. If you are a photography lover then this is the server for you. Even if you don't like photography then this is still the server for yo. We are a community and we accept anyone so join an have fun!

I’m trying to grow a community for people to chill, talk, play, discuss anime

This is a server for drawing and gaming, and doing what you enjoy