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A Friendly And Welcoming Community For Mobile Gaming In India.

a whole new world to explore!new people to meet!you may even be part of the seven deadly sins :O

We are a Simple Gaming server with plenty of players to play. with you can discover much new people and they will not be toxic if so report it

Just a server for raiding zoom classes

Hey, I made this server for people to find other chill people to play or chat with and also to help promote twitch streamers.

This server is about watching movies with friends! We host movies every week on Friday. Our community is very friendly and accepts everyone. So what are you waiting for? Come and hangout with us!

This discord server is to connect people who like to play Pokémon.

A small server for everyone to meet new people, play games and have fun

A fun server that's family-friendly. Please don't use vulgar language and please be kind! I'm counting on you!

"The Board Game" as everyone refers to it, is the mythical game where people are randomly selected to become candidates for the next God in line. These "God Candidates", are split into different warring sides and given supernatural abilities.

Anime & Gaming server 👾 Active Community 💬 Events 🎁 giveaways 🥳 500 Emojis 🍒 Fun Bots 🍿 Join now!

Hier könnt ihr neue Freund finden!

Server to chill out and talk! Nice community

Welcome To The Cult Server ✭ Requirements: - You must swear loyalty to Putin. - You must obey and worship Putin. - Don't be toxic to other people.

A place to talk to others and organize team games like Among Us, Minecraft, Jackbox, Dont Starve Together, etc.