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Loner's Lounge is a non-toxic server meant for those within the 13-18 age range strictly. We are a teen server aimed at teens during these trying times. This is a hangout server, not a dating server however. So, please give us a try!

Come and join Bernard — the true hero of Megamind.

the server offers many bots like a Pokémon and JoJo's bizarre adventure mmorpg minigame along with music bots and games channels for you and your friends.

This is a community for any and all people interested in computers and programming.

To kick things off until January 1st, 2021 we have HUGE giveaways running EVERY DAY → THOUSANDS of NMT’s | TENS OF MILLIONS in BELLS | CUSTOM INVENTORIES of ACNH items| 30+ FAST PASSES TO RAIDS → FREE BOXES OF Pokemon & SWSH ITEMS OF YOUR CHOOSING

・ Bienvenue dans le 𝗡 𝟵 𝗚 𝗔 𝗡 𝗚・ Ce serveur a été créé comme but d'un serveur communautaire francophone et surtout chill pour jouer a différents jeux et des rencontres amicales.

This is THE OFFICIAL server of SunsetBot, created by ShootingStar#4107. If you have any features you want me to add, join this server. And stay here for bot changelogs, chatting, and announcements!

A brand new server that is multi-themed. It can be used for gaming, musicians, programmers, artists, writers, singers, etc. - This server offers you tons of bots, application for staff through a test, and friends! -

Chanel is a sfw and a non-toxic/semi-toxic server. We have pfps (icons, gifs, and matching ones too). Chanel is a decently active server.

This server is made for mtg people who have rules questions that came up in a game, or while deckbuilding to see if something works the same way you think it does. We also help people who want to become mtg judges to sharpen their skills.

Really? A description? I don't have time for this! welp I do my best I guess.This is Nerdathon. Yes I know people don't like nerds. But that's kinda weird isn't it? We are very accepting in our modern society and I believe nerds are more than just smart

A discord Metal Server that has Metal Associated Mini Games such as show booking and soon a lyric based mini game, there are also a lot of channels for your opinions and a generally relaxed environment

hello, this is a new server, we are hoping to grow, we talk about everything, hope to see you around, also we have bots and stuff, please do us a favor and join :)

Game Rebel Esports, founded by twitch streamer PapaStanimus, is all about community, content and esports. We compete in 5 games, Rocket League, Rainbow 6 Siege, Fortnite, Modern Warfare, and CSGO.

Looking for a server where you can talk about Linux and Mac? You are in good hands!