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chillin with some friends

get to know people then 1v1 them.

Server di italiano dove si puo giocare con i bot e stare in vocale con altre persone/amici SERVER IN BETA PER ORA

معلومات عن السيرفر : [Gamers Headquarters] : اسم السيرفر السيرفر من : [06/09/2017] الحمد لله للحين اكثر من : 1300 عضو هدفنا ان نصنع مجتمع من افضل المجتمعات العربية سواء كان من ناحية القيمنق او الانمي او الاشياء الثانية الي بسيرفر

A Star Wars server for all fans (especially Mandalorian fans) to hang out!

Pika's Memes is a small discord server in which you can post any memes, we have friendly staff which are very active.

The Crypto Lounge is a Discord community for you to chat about the wild world of crypto.

Hello welcome to The Shit Shack, we are a growing all inclusive community who have lots of things to offer. This server is not for e-dating however we would love you to meet new people!

Enough already said, now join in!

a bunch of people who are very friendly and sweet hoping to make friends over shared music interests!

Legend's MW -Warzone Services Warzone/Modern Warefare and Cold War gaming server

Bad and toxic teammates? RankUPboss service is the best way to raise your rating and also an excellent opportunity to play with experienced players.

a server made for bonding &' entertainment * pfp server

This is a fun car guy/girl server, where you can come to talk about cars and anything else really

This is a role-play server dedicated to Xbox One consoles and FiveM for PCs. We currently have all departments open. You can be in any department any time at any given moment if you have the proper training.