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dusty ol' tape is a creative community where makers of art and music as well as people who just enjoy listening to tunes and looking at pretty things! we aim to create an inclusive atmosphere that encourages creating art and making new friends :)

Discord Updates is a server for everything relating to Discord and its updates!

A new Community for Roleplaying on Dayz Standalone

Hello we are a short group of members known as the pizza cult, ofc we luv pizzas as u would expect. This is a friendly community and we welcome all kind of people as long as they dont hurt our community

This Is a group ive worked VERY hard on and i would love to see people join here! Everybody is welcomed and we support all LGBTQ+ and There is No discrimination like other groups. We love new people come join in! :]

Somos uma comunidade brasileira de animes, entre no nosso servidor para conversar conosco!

DGC discord server


Welcome to DGC! We are a gaming community!

On this server, you can talk to your friends without anyone bothering you with all the modern bots. It has a very good template. And you can always talk to one of the admins if you need something.


**Hello there!** Are you polyam and or non-monogamous? There is a new server coming to viewers like you! (pun intended). We are a bunch of open-minded folks who welcome those who have more than one!

•Community Italiana •Molte stanze per vari giochi •Community attiva •Staff amichevole •Nessun cheater Stiamo organizzando vari giveaway di rocket league, molto presto anche uno in cui regaliamo la fennec!!

Hey guys you will absolutely love this server it is a giant donut of general chat with friendly and cool dudes and dudetts with a sprinkle of gaming on top these guys are really nice so just give it a try

Come join the OffiCial Clan Server where you can meet new players to play games with and more!

A great server for fun and anime fans! Different channel for different category anime chat.Quiz and Poll everyday.Answer to quiz and earn points.A custom game made by me.Share many things.Listen to music together with your friends.More description below.

fun people, musicians, looking for mods.