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Welcome to the Island! People who hang out here: Weed growers and weed smokers, crypto, options or stocks traders and MMA / UFC fight fans! If you like one, two or all three of those subjects, you will love our island! Welcome ashore!

Headquarters is a very relaxed 18+ server where people chat with each other and play all different video games as well as watch films. Join us and make some new friends and have a good laugh!

To start of with. No we are not that flashy "Forex guru" type of guy who shows you some rented as cars. or a stack of cash. Real education stuff you can learn here!

We meme here and play a wide genre of games, but mainly you’ll see us casually play league of legends

Freaks & Geeks is an outcast/stoner-friendly server filled with some quirky gamers. We have good vibes. 0 Drama, and developed friendships that will last a lifetime. [b]HOP IN HERE. CHILL WITH US. <3 [/b]

This server is for MALE cashdoms and cashsubs/cashfags. NO female doms, you will be kicked (sorry ladies). We are an active community and we check everyone who joins so no fakes or time wasters.

We are a Giantess, Shrink, Roleplay, and Size Change community. We want you to have a fun and enjoyable experience with us. We need your help to GROW! https://discord.gg/GsM6J2a

Do you like a bit of chaos in a serer? Well? Come on in and join!!!

``------------star2 ------------ Welcome to Flatchests We love Girls with A-Cups or less. ------------star2------------

Selling my pictures and videos. Daily updates.

looking for a place to hang out and make friends? buddies r us is the the place.

We have it all Porn, peeps, and memes. What more could you ask for?

A RWBY fan server with NSFW elements.

we are a community that specilise in lap dancing and other fun events for vrchat

A greek/roman themed LGBT/Kink/Sissy/BDSM hangout for people who are looking for like minded friends. We try to foster an atmosphere where multiple overlapping communities can hang out. Dionysus has been chosen as a server mascot.