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new server based around aesthetics, gaming, voice chatting, chatting, with minimum rulings.

A small chat with no real focus or agenda. Join us if you like talking to others. You can talk about anything and everything. Or you can use the bots instead of talking with others.

Riot's Community Discord is a Discord server to chat with friends. You can use bot commands in #bot-commands channel if you desire, and you can use our ModMail system to contact staff if you need any help. Currently looking for members! Make sure to join!

A server for you and all of your friends to come to talk, play games and listen to music.

Welcome to Totally LGBTQ We are a new friendly discord for people in pride community to feel at home in. Please come join our discord and make some new friends!

At Game Night we stick to tradition, we don't try being too many things but what we are is a place for you to have fun with party games!!

Modern Warfare/ Current CoD server. Host tourneys and leagues, as well as provide scrim finder chats, 10s chats, and more! Join to chat, sign up for a tourney, or sign up for a league!

A place to talk and have fun.

We’re here just to hang out

A chill server for you to come and hang out in! (STAFF NEEDED)

A server for gamers who want to make new friends and have fun

https://youtu.be/ODqYQXOpg1c ⚜Poetic Rhyme⚜ 🎶Lyrical Junkies 1🎶 🔆Rhyming Freaks🔆 🕯Poetry Addicts🕯 🏘Writing community🏘 •◇•Discord server where writers can meet new writers and grow from one another•◇• https://discord.gg/CyKUcMy

A cool 13-17 teens only server, dedicated to dating, chatting, having fun and even curing your depression with our friendly users, during these tough quarantine times!

if you love movies and a spot of tv.........well come on down what you waiting for! psssssttt....we also stream movies for free on film night so come on down and tell us what we should stream next!!!!

Giveaways and Very CHEAP Services!!! If server invite dosnt work try https://discord.gg/m9FWaru or add me on discord ianjgO5#2793

A place where all fans of Ensemble Stars unite as a socializing group