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This is a great server for finding people to play with and also to hang out with randoms. Please at least try this server.

A friendly competitive community dedicated to all platforms of Pokémon gaming and a source to promote your discord server, creator content, whether it be a Pokémon or non-Pokémon related.

Chess Academy is a friendly, welcoming community for chess players of all levels looking to improve. We offer feedback and advice from stronger players, free lectures, tournaments, and lots more! We look forward to seeing you there!

Weirdos United is a newly anime themed server made for weirdos. We are trying to create a friendly, active community and a safe place for all the weirdos and weebs out there. Its kinda dry now, but we hope people will start coming soon.

Loner's Lounge is a non-toxic server meant for those within the 13-18 age range strictly. We are a teen server aimed at teens during these trying times. This is a hangout server, not a dating server however. So, please give us a try!

the server offers many bots like a Pokémon and JoJo's bizarre adventure mmorpg minigame along with music bots and games channels for you and your friends.

Welcome to The Otaku Hangout!! We are a small anime and gaming community! Why you should join: >w< » Custom emotes » Good moderation » Anime related bots » Epic Roles » Channels for your favorite anime!

WolfPack is an Clan We playing alots of games PUBG,GTA(SA:MP), apex legends and more

Come join us at our Hato SMP! We are always active and playing games! We are currently looking for new members to join our SMP server. We would love to see you here!

・ Bienvenue dans le 𝗡 𝟵 𝗚 𝗔 𝗡 𝗚・ Ce serveur a été créé comme but d'un serveur communautaire francophone et surtout chill pour jouer a différents jeux et des rencontres amicales.

This is THE OFFICIAL server of SunsetBot, created by ShootingStar#4107. If you have any features you want me to add, join this server. And stay here for bot changelogs, chatting, and announcements!

Comunity italiana di gaming, tutti sono invitati a entrare se lo desiderano.

Chanel is a sfw and a non-toxic/semi-toxic server. We have pfps (icons, gifs, and matching ones too). Chanel is a decently active server.

This server is made for mtg people who have rules questions that came up in a game, or while deckbuilding to see if something works the same way you think it does. We also help people who want to become mtg judges to sharpen their skills.

Have fun chatting with other people who love the sport just as much as you!

Want to win free Nitro ? Looking for an active, growing server with lots of games, conversation, fun, and more? Look no further... We're a fast growing server with over 200 active users.