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A fun Aesthetic social discord with active staff, and its sfw.

Phoenix Rising is a fun and fresh, simple and straightforward, NSFW, 18+ furry server. You'll find a bit of everything in a clean, organized format. There's a bit of everyday magic, story, roleplay and art, in a non-toxic, welcoming environment.


The server is for speech and various games, and there is a distinct and interactive management

We are a competitive CODM Esports team founded in February 2021 with a roster made up of highly skilled EU players.

Chill server | Movies Nights | Hangout | Games | LFG | Private NSFW | XP System/rewards | Please Believe in our server and help us

The perfect place to chill with your friends, but still has many competitive features, such as gambling, trading and becoming richer than your friends. Want to show off? Invite your friends and make them jealous because of how good you are!

Welcome to the Jurassic, We have an active chat and like to joke around and have fun. We have bots to play with and also have a game slowly developing. We also have movie nights and game nights. Try not to be too toxic. Anyways, c'mon and join us

Selling da hood cash for 120 a mil. ( might lower prices) there is rewards you can earn from just being in the server. Legit and have vouches and proof!

hii weโ€™re a small lgbtq+ friendly server that wants to grow and hangout with other ppl!! we have gaming, anime, among us chats and more :) weโ€™re all very swag i assure u so pls join us and hangout !!

In this server we love to chat, game, and have fun! -Spam Channels -Self promo roles -Art flex channels -Roblox Channels :) (We are still working on this server)

Nederlandse crypto server met de beste signalen.

Bring your A game to this cheeky, fast-paced game where being an a$$h*le is highly encouraged. If you can get rid of all your cards (including tops and bottoms) before your opponents, you collect a shiny butt * token to rub it in.

A chill place to chat and VC with other people! This server is to make new friends and hang out with other people. We also have bots like Dank Memer, OwO, Idle Miner, PokeMeow, Rythm, and more! We are also enabling giveaways at 100 members.

This is a BRAND NEW 15+ server for roleplay and discussion in the Helluva Boss & Hazbin Hotel universe.