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This is a fun community server i hope you guys enjoy.

Welcome To The Mighty Basement

Baietii Rai Romania

We are a gaming group for anyone on any platform!

A social and welcoming community.

A friendly and welcoming community to share everything about programming, mostly C#. Our main goal is to create an environment where people can learn, collaborate and have fun all at the same time!

We are the British Army!

play games and chill innit

just a server recently made minecraft bedwars and other games too <3333

This server is pretty new and doesn't have much people, but lets grow this server together. It has over 100 emotes, you can talk about anime, gaming or even mine craft if you want. It will be much appreciated if you join.

Hi in diesem Server ist es dir möglich mit deinen Freunden zusammen zu spielen was ihr wollt wir haben sehr viele Spiele und können auf Wunsch von euch auch noch mehr hinzufügen.

this server gives you free discord games, invite reward just join this server

minimalist music server / artist collective

This my escape the night and if you want to sign up here's the link to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4q67EESxcKImG8O__egRSQ this is for fun and not to cause drama, i hope you subscribe and watch all my video's! I do game nights and other

A chill server for late-night gaming and chatting!

Hello and welcome to DarC server! This server is mostly for gaming as we also have a DayZ Server up on PS4/PS5 (also supports MNK). Come join us and have fun by making money and gambling with other players! If you want to you can join our server also