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MuHaven is a Discord server for the MU* community in general. Looking for new games to play on, or old players you used to create with? Need to recruit for your game or ask for game development help? Are you completely new to the hobby? Join us!

This is the place to get assistance with your code or just have a general discussion about programming.

This server is mainly made for gaming, anime, art, pokefans, entertainment, fun, etc

Ever tried the music bot Vixirus? A high quality music bot supporting TONS of sites to play music from, and keeping the quality at its finest. Then you should really try it, if you happen to find any issues then this is the server to test/report bugs on.

Another fun place to make friends and role play with others 18+, manga and anime discussion and other fun things. Come join and hang out with us :) (we do ID check)

A place for your interests in-game and out!

Gaming community where everyone is welcome, even non brawlhalla players

Welcome! we are a community dedicated to creating and helping each other grow!

cruel<3 ・currently hosting a nitro giveaway ・grunge jpncore aesthetic ・cute emotes ・semi active ・looking 4 ams/pms

dusty ol' tape is a creative community where makers of art and music as well as people who just enjoy listening to tunes and looking at pretty things! we aim to create an inclusive atmosphere that encourages creating art and making new friends :)

All about art, everyone is welcome!

Le premier serveur francophone basé sur le jeu Everdale par Supercell !

A family-friendly server where you can chat, hang out and find new people to play with on some of your favourite games!

A Server with the best Nudes? JOIN NOW! (with own Bot)

New server for PS5 and XboxSeriesX restock. Fast at finding drops and notifying members.

Hey there! Welcome to Jay's Drug Shack :D This is a server full of emotes (100+ and more coming soon!). Feel free to join!