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a nice server where you can talk about anime and food wars

Shining Pokémon League is a fan-made competitive Pokémon server, offering giveaways, tradings, Showdown + SW/SH events, and a gym system! :)

***Welcome To Gamers View! The Server Is Based On Talking To Other People, Both Friends And Strangers, Or Just Relaxing To Music, That's Up To U. When Joining The Server, Make Sure To Read And Follow The Rules!*** __***

Hey you! Want to have some fun, meet new people, play with new friends and possibly learn how to solve the Rubiks cube? Then this is the right server for you!

Join us at ☆•Luminescence•☆!! A chill and friendly server. Full of Gamers and Anime Lovers.

Anime server made by mintyfelixx on twitch.

AP Study Server 📚 Active 24/7 💬 Free Tutoring 👨‍🏫 Live Study Sesh 💯 Study Buddies 🤝 Social Nights 💞 Chill VC 🔊 Giveaways 🎁 & more!! 🔥

Polski Serwer do Rozmów i Gier Zapraszam Serdecznie

**✨Oni chan✨** Lubisz anime, gry i miłą atmosferę a także chciał byś poznać kilka fajnych aplikacji i tricków na e-lekcje? Dobrze trafiłeś na naszym serwerze zapewnimy ci to wszystko!! 😁

new server! I’m looking for people to add in my server it’s kinda dry atm

MOONDUST VILLAGE is a community server focused on bringing you peace, happiness and laughs. options for entertainment are limitless here. everything is also safe and sound thanks to the mayor and a team of vice mayors who have sworn to protect this town!

Discord for adults to discuss fandom and fandom meta!

Auf meinem Discord kannst du mit anderen über Gaming oder sonstiges Reden! Erstellt Spiele und teile diese auf meinem Server!

Welcome to The Cloaks! -About US- The Cloaks is a chill server where people can come chat and make friends. Our server is mostly free for you to do and say whatever(Nothing that will offend others based on race, religion, or gender)

We are a small group of mates wanting to grow larger and get to know others and chill with

just have fun and play with bots and stuff or socialize with other members