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A server looking for talented people like you to keep the server alive! We host tons of giveaways, entertainment from my youtube channel as well as other youtube channels, talk with the community, play games, and have fun!

We're a bunch of weeb degenerates that play video games all day, everyone is welcome.

Come choose a Pokémon, hop on our custom Minecraft Java server, and play some Splitgate with us!

This is a my hero academia roleplay server. In this server we have it where you can have ocs and cannon characters. There’s a list of taken characters that you can check out of you join. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy❤️

Minecraft and a lot of other games too

Hi, I am a seller of highly evolved and interesting scripts, I would like to invite you to see my price list. He will ask himself why such low prices, it is normal it is my choice I do not want to march on people selling a script for 20 euros but much les

This is a server where you can find help and resources needed in order to complete your homework, along with access to "special" bots to unlock them.

Homie Cuddle Room 2.0 is just a place for you to chill and cuddle with some homies

We are here for those who are looking for a good time with good and calming people who love s good match. And to train to perfect skills and bring out the most in people's potential and we won't stop till we do!

Have you ever wanted to join the FBI, Well now you can we have joined discord on the search for FBI agents. We are in dire need of new agents, We come to you to see if your up to the challenge of being an FBI Agent

A server for LGBTQ+ people interested to chat about current and upcoming pop music, charts, and vinyl. This is also a place to openly express who you are and be accepted while being in a fun queer environment.

Salut! Acest server este un server roman bazat pe sarbatorile de Craciun. Avem colinde, numaratoare inversa pana la craciun si multe altele.🎅

kωithly is a soft & sfw srvr w/ tons of things 2 do ! we host nitro gws , events , & much more ! come join 2 see what else we have angel ..

Selling Minecraft accounts! ------------------------------------------- Starting from 0.50 Eur! ------------------------------------------- Free accounts for invites!