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The Cozy Cabin server icon
The Cozy Cabin

This is a server for every interest! It has a community for every hobby/interest whether it be art, sports, music, coding, gaming or anything else! You get a hobby role (for example Gamer) and you will be able to see all the 19 gamer channels!

The Cozy Cabin 212 members Join
💮ᴄᴏꜰꜰᴇᴇ ꜱᴇɴᴘᴀɪ💮 server icon
💮ᴄᴏꜰꜰᴇᴇ ꜱᴇɴᴘᴀɪ💮

Hey, ciao! Sì, dico proprio a te! Quante volte hai navigato nella Dashboard prima di trovarci? Beh, eccoci qui! Coffee senpai è un server del tutto nuovo e a portata di clic, un posto dove ti potrai rilassare e parlare con gli amici proprio come al bar!

💮ᴄᴏꜰꜰᴇᴇ ꜱᴇɴᴘᴀɪ💮 842 members Join
The Meme Olympus server icon
The Meme Olympus

A meme discord with a variety of Instagram meme page owners, we just thought this discord could be a vibe for people who wanna talk

The Meme Olympus 428 members Join
The Traveler's Commune server icon
The Traveler's Commune

»» We are a chill, laid back community mostly centered around playing D&D5e in a scheduled, structured manner.

The Traveler's Commune 186 members Join
Youtube Hangout server icon
Youtube Hangout

Hey, if you are trying to grow your youtube gaming channel then look no further, my discord is a place where you can share, collab, and fine video editors and thumbnail artists for your videos, if this is interesting to you then join my discord now :) >>

Youtube Hangout 153 members Join
Under the Blossom Tree server icon
Under the Blossom Tree

A place where everyone can have fun and a good time. Join the community/family and make new friends! Play games together! Share memes! Listen to music with people around the world! Just chill! The possibilities are endless. Join now! We welcome you! 🌸

Under the Blossom Tree 119 members Join

Are you looking for a server to make friends? Join Pierre’s Chillroom now!

JOIN PIERRE’s CHILL ROOM 1,611 members Join
chilling peaches server icon
chilling peaches

Hey! Chilling peaches is a server with over 100 members. We're completely SFW, and everyone is welcome:) we provide you fun bots (such as dank memer) and fun channels (such as polls). we have daily quote of the day, question of the day and so much more!

chilling peaches 133 members Join
DUOS Lounge • Official Server server icon
DUOS Lounge • Official Server

The OFFICIAL Discord for the Upcoming Dating & Social Media App for Gamers Worldwide | Join Today To Get First Access to the Beta!

DUOS Lounge • Official Server 216 members Join
× 🌑﹕— 沉鬱的 ‧₊ ˚. ꒱ server icon
× 🌑﹕— 沉鬱的 ‧₊ ˚. ꒱

Welcome to Hypophrenia, We're a feature rich, soft aesthetic community server, different topics are allowed! Hypophrenia provides a mental health safe space, a safe environment for the LGBTQ+, all races and all religions! No one will judge you here!

× 🌑﹕— 沉鬱的 ‧₊ ˚. ꒱ 318 members Join
Neo Sentience server icon
Neo Sentience

Neo Sentience is a community for biohackers, technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs and researchers to engage in productive endeavors, interact, share data, and hang out.

Neo Sentience 441 members Join
AuthenticYoung server icon

Looking for a cozy lounge with fun supportive streamers? We are a growing active community that meets up on all sorts of games we love to chat, throw events and meet new people to join our growing community fund I mention we have have 100+ emojis 😁

AuthenticYoung 132 members Join
Never Idle server icon
Never Idle

Never Idle, an online community focused on gaming!

Never Idle 1,619 members Join
AVA World Club server icon
AVA World Club

AVA World Club - Upcoming P2E Game where you go on solo or fight together as a tribe.

AVA World Club 2,019 members Join
Camp Half-Blood Legacies server icon
Camp Half-Blood Legacies

• Large, friendly server • 6 character slots, 19 cabins to choose from • Amazing, immersive plots and events • Very active and kind staff • So much more!

Camp Half-Blood Legacies 322 members Join
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