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Great scrimming community for everyone

Roleplay as a Ghoul or Play as a CCG

Looking for a new way to advertise your music to other creators? Join EchoMusic! We are a community working to bring artists together, and we need YOUR help! Don't hesitate to join!

A server that helps people out with buggy devices.

We are a Professional PUBGM Team Striving to be the best in the Scene. we are Competitively Focused. We compete in top tier Tournaments and leagues and Lots of Custom games. We Have An amazing staff team,Partnership opportunities, Custom roles,Fast-growin

Were an up and coming Rocket League eSports community that focuses on training lower ranked members. We offer coaching services for all levels, and those who make competitive teams receive coaching absolutely free!

If you were looking for a server that is themed after a Renaissance kingdom in the 1600s, that's an oddly specific search. But you are in huge luck, as this is what this server is all about.

Just a small gaming channel looking to grow for easy LFG and fun times. No NSFW or explicit content allowed on server. Roles available when joined.

A fantasy based role-playing server that revolves around werewolves, though not limited to. Fun ranks and activities, as well as bots and self applied roles! This is a fairly new server under construction, so feel free to leave suggestions!

Welcome to the Cookout, we are a server built around recreating the same easy-going, chill vibes that you can find in the Summertime for people of color. Everyone is welcomed to join the party and make friends, participate in events, and ultimately unwind


A fun server for animal lovers or anyone who just wants to chat with outgoing friendly people. Always Active.

This is a server for those who are LFG and can come and chill for a while, I also stream daily so if people want to join the stream they go to the “livestreams” chat🎮😱

-▷ Mature Community! -▷ Variety of Nudes! -▷ 20+ Meme Chats! -▷ Lots of Porn!

As the name suggests, we're a group of weirdly awesome people who chill out in our community. Small and well-organized as well as well moderated, we have fun bots, music channels, and a plethora of topics to talk about. Switch to the Strange Side.

Dark Rival Is an Upcoming Minecraft server