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Welcome to Affinity! We have an active chat and a friendly community that's always growing! Affinity is an inclusive 18+ social/gaming/streaming community with public Minecraft/Pixelmon servers, a WoW guild, premium bots, and occasional giveaways!

Auf diesem Server gibt es Gaming, Economy und auch einfach nur die Möglichkeit sich mit anderen entspannt zu Unterhalten. Partnerschaften sind auch Möglich.

babes is a really chill and fun minecraft + other games influenced community. we want active people who are looking to make friends and have a good time! <3

A server for meth users to get together and talk a bout harm reduction, listen to music, and play games. Trivia, scattegories, truth or dare, chess, and more.

Haru Okumura from Persona 5 is cute. The Haru Appreciation Server is all about her.

This server is for everyone that loves working with stationery for scrapbooking/paper crafts or making a bullet journal. Everyone is welcome from beginners to those that have been making bullet journals for years!

A leftist creative community with some of the friendliest nerds and weirdos on this planet.

We are a bunch of gamers that aim to create fun and thrilling game sessions. We currently mainly play Among Us and just started to play Minecraft and we have a private 24/7 server. We hope to involve more people that are determined to have a fun time.

FtsMC is a Discord server for a Java Minecraft server. - IRL GIVEAWAYS AND PRIZES!!!

Best gaming server for all games.

The #1 Crypto Trading Hub + Community. Click me to read more.

this is bean. bean is a server with 200+ members that is focused on memes. it also has daily activities like quizzes and giveaways to keep our members entertained : D bean has an amazing community and fun people you can talk to. join now! have fun.

Hey there and welcome to The Kingdom! Although we're small now, we hope to grow and build an awesome community. We're a welcoming place to all and want to help people make new friends.

Welcome to your reality! This is a great community made of 5 major fandom and others! This place is where you can relax and chill with absolutely no worries. Our wonderful staff promises a welcoming server that you can relax, enjoy, and have fun in!

❄ Cold Universe ❄ - ein Server für Events und mehr Komm jetzt auf unseren Server und werde teil unserer Community! Viele Events und Commands warten auf dich!

BobbersLand is a Discord server revolving around the Roblox game called Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA).