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Welcome to the Leter-Craft server! Started of as a Minecraft server and now gone BIG SCALE on all games!(such as Among Us) We host a lot of challenges on our Minecraft server in which you can win a lot of cool prizes such as: Roles, Cash and a lot more!

This server is all about .NET Reverse Engineering & mainly focused on .NET Obfuscator

Unphazable Inc. is a server dedicated primarily to gaming, but also allows you to post your artwork, mention when you are livestreaming or uploaded a new video, upload music that you play, chill with new friends, enjoy memes, create new emotes, and more!

Ако нямате с кого да играете, елате при нас! Нов дискорд сървър за лига. Ако някой има проблем може да се свърже с : Sylenth#5271

En dansk hyggesnak server

⊹ ° ⊹ ⠀⠀ ★ ⊹ ° ⊹ ⠀⠀ ★ ⊹ ° ⊹ ⠀⠀ ★ ༺:hearts:༻ Welcome to relapse‎ ༺:hearts:༻ ★We offer: ➤a place to talk and make new friends ➤ swaggy ppl ➤ somewhere to chill ➤ we host game nights and movie nights or listen to music ➤ drippy pictures

A Small Community server.

Amongst us! From roblox to discord OFFICIAL server!

Just a place to chill with few rules. Just follow the ones we have and you’ll fit in just fine.

EN Here you can practice either Spanish or English with native speakers. ES Aquí puedes practicar español e inglés con hablantes nativos.

A safe community to talk all about the musical Hamilton! Please spread the word!

Inclusive discord gaming channel! Looking for members and possibly staff

Chill server for competitive gaming or just chatting

Invite Rewards! 5 Invites ➤ $5 PayPal OR $5 Month Nitro Classic 10 Invites ➤ $10 PayPal OR $10 Month Nitro Booster Join us for a chance to obtain discord nitro!

Anyasse is a Dungeons and Dragons, literate RP-heavy server. We prioritize fun, providing a safe space, a small and tightknit community, and well written roleplay. With our in-depth and detailed lore, you may love our take on the fantasy Arabian setting!

Selling Minecraft accounts! ------------------------------------------- Starting from 0.50 Eur! ------------------------------------------- Free accounts for invites!