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Website : https://stateofindonesia.id/

We are a small Minecraft server / community and Server! We are soon opening better then ever! With tons of gamemodes, Crate system, Economy system and many more things! Make sure to take a look!

The Catastrophic Network is a new family friendly gaming community server. We aim to be a laid-back place to hang out with friends and meet new people.

A gaming community where everyone is able to talk and chill with others!

Prism is a Discord server dedicated to following the development of an upcoming Roblox game inspired by a popular TCG.

Please have a mic and common sense. No racist or toxic BS please or you will be banned. Games throughout the day from people all over the world! Currently level 2 boost!!

Hey there👋 This is a gaming server you can join here to chill find a partner for your game😉

JackinfiniteYTs official server

This is my and my cousins first religion, we have 4 fair council member and chances to get many other roles, the community is active and welcoming.

Anyone want to come join, a very awesome Gaming Community? Come Join the GitGud Network, we are expanding servers, and are looking to evolve our Community, we are actively looking for Staff, Players and Much Much More!

This is the most best Arrowverse Experience on Discord. Please only join if you like the arrowverse.

What we have to offer: +-+ Great & Friendly Community +-+ +-+ Friendly & Fair Staff team +-+ +-+ Giveaways & Promotions +-+ Note: -Looking for staff members

Under construction...

The Chill Zone is a friendly, active, and growing community. This server you can have a bunch of fun by attending a bunch of events in or server that happen every day! Along the way you could meet new people and make them some new friends!

We are an Among Us community with active voice channels, and an active community, with ENDLESS things for everyone to enjoy!

This sever is a sever where u can talk and if your interested in a fortnite lobby bot I have that there if your interested in the sever which I got the lobby bot from which is a little better than mine other wise it’s a good place and a fun place .