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Sci-Fi, Sims & Music - Functions like an E-Mag with the vast amount of Articles, Live Streamers or Video Check out the Gaming Updates and Live Now Channels for news & some bots to play with inc' a bunch of General Music Bots, the server has 6 of it's own

Tired of toxic online communities? You just found an invite to the chillest server ever! Join ChilledTalkers now!

a server to chill/talk/play games

This server enjoys a healthy discussion on cloud computing technology especially cloud hosting. Currently, the server has AWS & Google geeks who can respond to AWS & Google Cloud queries

An outside the box themed server with topics such as Paranormal/Conspiracy/The Occult/ Theology/ect ! Join today !

Naš Discord Server zasniva se na zabavi, igranju, druženju i još mnogo toga. Posjetite nas i uvjerite se zašto baš Vi trebate igrati, družiti se i zabavljati na našem serveru. Vaše prisustvo nam mnogo znači, hvala na pažnji !

For coordinating Among Us games

A roleplay posse for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online (PC).

a nice server where you can talk about anime and food wars

A platform to bring together all the Femdom/BDSM lovers in India. Objective is to transform this server into a one-stop destination for Femdom in India.

This server will allow you to play with members from the Minecraft community on one big server.

COD Warzone and Multiplayer Camo Unlocker

Shining Pokémon League is a fan-made competitive Pokémon server, offering giveaways, tradings, Showdown + SW/SH events, and a gym system! :)

Anime server made by mintyfelixx on twitch.

German Server for gaming, having fun and meeting new people.

The Money Manor is a community of people looking to improve their understanding of investing and trading. FREE Stock and Crypto Trade Alerts FREE Educational Materials MULTIPLE LOUNGES POWERFUL BOTS