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Gaming Server with Rainbow Six Siege elements. It’s also a chill center where you can talk about anything. Roleplay and NSFW is there too just don’t go to crazy. Make sure you read the rules. We have Pokémon and Gambling bots in the server also!

A brand new discord server for peeps who want to chill and play games. A comfortable place to chat, chill and lose games with similar people.

For (anime/manga/webtoons/movies/tv shows/games/etc) editors and artists! Anyone can openly join and talk and use mudae and other bots we have!

Come join to become the top pokemon master

🎮 Hľadáš komunitu a možno aj kamarátov na hranie? Pridaj sa k nám! 🎮

Server dedicated to Art, Music Production, Photography and other interests.

A server for fellow teens and tweens to chat and make friends with a focus on self-improvement and mental health. We are a new server in need of members and will always take suggestions. We are inclusive of everyone and everything!

This is the server for the Hypixel Guild The Awakening! We love all of our members, and we hope you want to become one aswell! Still growing! Loads of emojis!

Join up for a long ride, we gonna be filled with packers.

a community full of gamers

Ravage is a semi-anarchy server for memes and casual discussion. It has fair and lenient rules so everyone can enjoy the server with freedom. All members of any community are welcomed here.

The Mental Zone Discord server is a community-run server for those who follow MrWizite on twitch or his team Mentally Ill Gaming! However, this place is a awesome place to also find people to game and chat with around the globe.

Mooncake is a fresh community server for artists, gamers, and more! » a group of friendly & supportive members » entirely SFW & drama-free » platform to share your work & meet new friends » clean layout & organization » fancy self-roles

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Welcome to The Dishonored, or Fumeiyona (不名誉な). You can do a lot of things here, as long as you follow the simple rules of course. We have everything from server promotion to serious debates. As a growing server, we are in the looks for new mods, and more

Among Us Server come Join!