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An indie game studio server producing sim / tycoon games like. We need your feedback and comments, so join our Discord to create games with us!

Hello everyone! <3 my intention is to create a toxic free community were everyone can be themselves.

not many people in the server all for fun join to meet new people and find friends

⚡ Slurpy Shop⚡ New custom server quality chats, voice chats and bots and community interaction prioritization on feedback. FEATURES •Fun Bots •Friendly Moderators & Members •lots of text channels •Proper moderation •more features to come

Discord server for gaming and chatting with your friends. In this discord server you can play such games as (Valorant, Minecraft, Among us, Rocket League, Gta V and so much more.

A up and coming server for rookies, to vets of the streaming, and gameing game.

Shiny hunting // Dynamax adventures // Giveaways // A family friendly environment for us all to coexist in! // Community led suggestions to get the changes YOU want for the server // and much much more...

We welcome you to our small corner of the roleplay community... Novorus! What even is Novorus? Well, the server at least, is a medieval-fantasy roleplaying server that has been put together in on a less strict lore system than some other servers!

The Space Tavern is a relaxed gaming inspired sever which welcomes everyone in its community, the space tavern equates to a lot of peoples preferences which include memes, music, chat, giveaways and much more. So what your waiting for and join TODAY!

A server for LGBTQ+ people interested to chat about current and upcoming pop music, charts, and vinyl. This is also a place to openly express who you are and be accepted while being in a fun queer environment.

✨ Chill & Friendly Community ✨ Active Commmunity ✨ Active & Friendly Staff ✨ Gender Roles ✨ Organized Server ✨ Looking for partners

A new Community Server hoping to grow and bring people together! Introduce yourself and meet new people! A lot of work was put into this server for people like you to join! Feeling left out of other servers? No worries! Our server won't do that.

Welcome to the Game Room! In this server we have a community based around gaming of all kinds! We're always wanting more people to chat with and hangout with!

This is a Doctor Who discord Server based around the time war but not limited to it. Classic Who, New Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, EU canon, and beyond are all welcome on our server.

Aesthetic emotes, open-minded, family orientated. Mess with one, you mess with us.