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This is a fun server to come chill, make friends and help grow your twitch stream.

MuHaven is a Discord server for the MU* community in general. Looking for new games to play on, or old players you used to create with? Need to recruit for your game or ask for game development help? Are you completely new to the hobby? Join us!

This server contains many NSFWs, and many great videos : )

Join and have fun interactions with members ( ╹▽╹ )!! | DIO • LAWLIET • POKÉTWO • POKÉMEOW • OWO • SEKAI • YUI • TATSUMAKI

D-Gaming Live Streamer Discord! Paypal/V-Buck weekly giveaway! #FacebookGaming #LiveStreams

A discord server that unites streamers together in order to collab, build your own community and grow your stream. This community is all bout supporting one another from helping streamers reach affiliate to viewing and interacting in each others stream.

i give free dank bears lets get drunkkkkkkkkkk

One of the best servers out there for robloxian developers and players to vibe in, meet small content creators, play roblox together, move up through the ranks and achieve world domination and so much more! What are you waiting for, join!

We are a gaming service that empowers amateur gamers to connect, compete, and dictate the future of the gaming industry. We host tournaments, raffles/giveaways, sell game-oriented merchandise, develop and publish games.

Heyu fellow humans, I am Tabby aka Jana and the owner of this server. We are a community for gaming, doing art and just chilling together. Our server is pretty new so the community is not that big yet, but I hope for you to join, so we can grow.

A friendly server to hang out with people. Talk about gaming, anime, and anything you can think about!

+16 year olds My hero academia literate style roleplay group Ocs Welcome Cannon characters available Student, teacher, hero, or villain.

We are vF a community server that will help you to find the right people to play with on all sorts of games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, Counterstrike and Rust. Founded in 2017 by 2 former Semi-Proffesional esporters.

Server looking for a community of all kinds

Come join this server if you are looking to make new friends, everyone is supportive of LGBTQ and we are all weebs

Server di italiano dove si puo giocare con i bot e stare in vocale con altre persone/amici SERVER IN BETA PER ORA