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i made this server for girls (and non binary, gender fluid, etc) who dont like playing with simps

We sell many different games software and accounts

Here you can buy dogecoins using paypal f&f for 0.065 $ each https://discord.gg/JsYQqZ7vjP



Battle Axe Roleplay Union'a hoĊŸgeldin!

This is my server,Fusion's World,it has just 1 member,me :(,i worked a lot for the server and i want to grow it,it's a community server/gaming server.

Welcome to the Nut Hut! A shitposting themed server where everyone is welcome!

This server was established 2021, our goals in this server is to have a friendly, educated stock community where others can learn

Crypto Pump Signal is the biggest cryptocurrency pump community worldwide. We find unique market opportunities and together with our group we pump the price of coins up massively by buying in at the same time.

This discord server has an awesome amount of roles, and levels. there are really nice people and there are plenty of bots to help you when your stuck. there is also private rooms just for special people, like people with admin or moderator role. Join Now.

This is a Fam of streamers, where we support one another!

Superhero roleplay and story creation server in which you can be whatever you want to be without the rules and restrictions of reality!

Just please... please join already. I mean you have nothing else to do... gamers and weebs alike...

Welcome to The World server! We are a international multi-language server where you can receive news in other country servers. Make sure to read the rules when joining!

You can upload and find FiveM servers and get help from other people of the community.

Seeking a place to chill n play games? Come join us in vibe zone. We play games like Among us, Fortnite, etc. Join now!