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Welcome to the Ultimate Anime and Hentai server, Roll for your favorite waifus or husbandos, chat with people who like the same animes as you, and have tons of fun! <3

Welcome to Abstract Studios! We are a Roblox development server bringing users advanced and fun games to enjoy!

A newly started minecraft community, with focus on a factions based server without claims. The servers name is "Hidden Chaos" and is coming soon™ we hoping to launch it in March. We have an active discord server and lots of helpful staff.

Hey, Welcome to McDonalds. Here we sell Burgers and fries, feel free to come thru and get fat.

Need Money? Have a Steam account? Join now.

A place for us to trade photos of our wives

We're just a small community starting out.

Discord server for the YouTuber and TikToker Sir Swizzle. We offer memes and other forms of entertainment.

DnD campaign leaning towards combat rather than stats and unlockable items

Hi I'm Hayden, I'm a software developer who likes to make too much stuff. If you wanna hop in to just hang out and make friends, or you want some tech talk. This server is pro lgbtq+ and should be seen as a safe place.

This server is all about talking about Pokémon and trading them as well, we have sword and shield, Pokémon go and Pokémon tcg and much more there’s things for everyone to do on our server

A fun server if you’re looking for many different topics. We’ve got all types of stuff here. Join if you want an awesome time.

Join the Cheeky Swag 123 YouTube server! Why should you join? - We have a Custom bot! - We have Partners! - We have Active owners! - We have Epic roles! - We have Friendly Staff! - We have a Friendly community!

Litty server with weird teens jus tryna battle crippling depression. 14-20

Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator Virtual Truck Company. Transport - Logistics - Warehousing - Distribution ​Alle Group: The Dream VTC !

Chatting, making new friends, talking about anything in a server with a twist of Hell ! Join us :D