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join if u wanna play val, csgo, cod or a bunch of other games!! just trying to grow the server :)

┍━━━━━━━✿━━━━━━━┑ Welcome to Vibe Hub ┕━━━━━━━✿━━━━━━━┙ Vibe Hub is a server that includes the following: ➜Active Voice Chats ➜Likeable Mods ➜Funny Community ➜Members play multiple games ➜Average age is 13-17 ➜Music Bots ➜SFW

A bunch of high school dudes looking to revive their dead server.

This Discord server is useful for selling your streetwear and luxury items (only original items you accept), in addition to the wts / wtb / wtt channels some services are available for buyers and sellers (free and paid). .

Currently, we're your standard Server In Development that Obviously doesn't introduce much. But is working hard toward's becoming a Server everybody will enjoy. Otherwise, we're your lovable, Meme-Posting, Anime/Manga, Hentai loving Community.

Chill sever to hangout with friends, and listen to music.

The Tavern is a writing and gaming community where authors, readers, artists, podcasters, gamers and roleplayers can come together to talk, share ideas or collaborate.

K2 discord server


[ note: includes 2 question verification. ] K2 has no specific aim in fandom/community, therefore making it accepting towards most interests. Server is LGBTQ+ friendly

join if you want to find people to talk/ play with /GIveawys /join/cool community for people /New server , gaming / chill lounge , drops and giveaways , funny stuff (akinator , dank memer) , no NSFW , 1v1 , Games stats checker , Cool

A very chill server to chat in! Our community is small but friendly, so no being mean!!! So what are you waiting for? JOIN THE FUN!!!

A place for gamers to vibe and talk (Recommended for ROBLOX players)

=Welcome to Desired reality= This is a server for those interested in reality shifting, curious about it or experienced in it. 🍀

Hello! I am Shimotakato the Chinokage. In our server, we help each other get items, rank up and spin for bloodlines in the infamous Roblox game, Shindo Life.

( ͡◕‿っ ͡◕)✌[𝐇𝐏]𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐧✴ツ Come and join we play- Among us,cod and a lot more! Read the long description for more info about us :)

Hello and welcome to Ottoman Empire Hangout and Chat Club,this is the place where you can meet nice people and chat,make new friends and more! We have our own emojis