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Welcome to the Empire. We are a role playing community looking for members to play games with. If you like kingdom roleplay and have a lot of time on your hands, come goof around and have fun. Make friends with everyone and read the rules to learn more!

This discord server has multiple channels and will keep adding more games, its a chill place to hang out and send each other memes. Its also a good place to find other people to game with.Its a new server so we are still updating it and adding roles.

Are you a weeb? Do you like hentai? Do you like sharing hentai? Then I got the discord server for you ☝

A Selfmade NSFW, Games, Memes & Fun bot from me for everyone.

This Server is a project of me and my friends. we would like to grow a community together with you, so we become an official Discord Server. Please join and have fun!

A fantasy roleplay set in the kingdom of Heartfelt. After the empire's heart is stolen, the long-standing reign of peace ends and evil is unleashed on the unsuspecting citizens. Freeplay and story mode available.

🍁・Fall is a Chill community server, that likes to chat. 🎁 • GIVEAWAYS 🎨 • SELF COLOR ROLES 🍁 • CHILL AESTHETIC

A server where you can lay back and relax with some chill gamers.

A server I made for mostly minecraft layers

Selamat datang di WELCOME [ Rocket Penumpang] Roket Penumpang merupakan tempatnya para komunitas berkumpul mulai dari gaming dan lainnya, disini juga kalian bisa memberntuk pertemanan, mencari jodoh, selingkuhan, bapak tiri, dll.

A server for all people to come, chill, and have fun.

Creators Couch is an international community for content creators to collaborate, help each other and promote their content.

A new Discord server with a heavy focus on progression in Destiny 2.

JAS or Just -A- Server is a small server full of friendly people ready to accept whoever joins. We enjoy talking to new members and playing a very diverse amount of games.