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Join the Besoya Region, become a pokemon champion, and show your art off today!

Matax is a community server based around Surge, gaming, and bot development. Come join Matax for a chill environment today!

Hangout server where we watch something together - netflix party, anime, etc. No B.S

The perfect place to hangout in.

A gaming clan and a make friends server come hop in and enjoy

Welcome To Drays Hangout This server is meant for people to find friends and share there media platform, such as youtube and twitch. Small Streamers and Youtubers are welcome to share their platform here!

Scc discord server


The Sad Comics Community is an all inclusive mental health awareness community with active VC's, game and movie nights, and overall friendly atmosphere. There are rooms for a multitude of hobbies, and odds are you will be met with a room that matches your

a fun place where you can squad up with people to play rogue with. the best thing about this clan is u can join with out trying out. so everyones welcome

Welcome to rockywolf! A multi topic english server! You should totally join! (Also members get early access to our minecraft mods)

We offer chats and voice channels in which you can write or talk about stocks, crypto, options and upcoming pumps.

The server is based on Gaming, making new friends and to play together.

Seeking a place to have fun and some vibe ? Gamify Yourself all about collaborating, vibing, conversation, and more! So let's create that vibe by joining Gamify Yourself ! Interact with fellow gamers , people and vibe ! Join Now!

A safe place for book lovers to come together and talk about all things bookish, and maybe even simp for some fictional men๐Ÿค—.

Share your channel is a discord server made for you to advertise your youtube channel. Advertising in this server can lead to very easy growth.