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A nice and chill community server. We host giveaways weekly, have active chats, and awesome moderation. Join today!

we are a small active anime community that likes to talk about any anime and if someone doesnt know it then u can teach them about it. please join and feel free to call it home because we love anime and we never not

Welcome to The Paw Kingdom, a small community for furries who still haven't found a community they feel home and welcomed in. We accept everyone and anyone, even humans :O Click join now and be part of The Paw Kingdom!

We are a IW4X community.

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hey, looking for people to join our discord server, unlike others that like have restrictions, not here literally anybody can join. any age, any gender, gamer of any game, non-gamer. just want people to come make it a baby community where we can vibe.

Looking for friend to play with ? We are a worldwide community and we are waiting for you ;) Tu cherches des amis avec qui jouรฉ ? Rejoins nous, nous sommes impatients de t'accueillir ;)

All About Crypto is a platform that is bringing the cryptocurrency community together, miners, investors, and consumers. Join the community today!

A small community of people from all over the world that want to make friends and have fun. we have tons of fun bots and we try to say active 24/7!

We want to play with new players

Are server is full of amazing people and barbz who love to enjoy anime. We talk about anime and a lot of random stuff. If you want to meet friend. Join ;)

This server has a mixture of social, gaming, and anime ! We hope that you enjoy your stay here and make friendships to last a lifetime! We aim to maintain a moderate and wholesome SFW server for our members! โ™ก Ruby Red is for everybody!

Just a small server to share art with others and chill.

we have a more active gc on insta if yall wanna join that (but weโ€™re trying to make this discord server active). we pretty much talk about anything and are open to making new friends. this is a safe place btw :)

Hi there Spookycami here, I have officially started my little space on the interwebs all about the good vibes

it's a server made for having fun and gaming.Atleast try to join and see but pleas understand that we just started.Have fun!