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Calling in all our otaku friends <3 Join our server to make and interact with people all over the world of the same interest!!

Were just people trying to have fun. We also enjoy anime and manga.

A exciting and fun discord server great for the whole community!

This is a friendly Pokemon server where we have two 24/7 sysbots, gym league with open gyms, giveaway exclusives, tournaments with RL prizes, training tips from competitive and ranked pros, and much more ! I look forward to seeing you there.

--------------------- The Saga Fanclub --------------------- if you're lonely and you don't have any friends to game the, Join the Saga Fanclub discord server to find your perfect friend and spend all your time with your new friends :)

⭐A community for fun, talking, music and many more ⭐ ✨Make friends and chill ✨ ⭐Looking for active members ⭐

Waivly.com, The Future Wave.

Basically, this a is a danganronpa rp server. I’m still kinda working on it and there’s not many members yet so feel free to join! Other anime characters are accepted as well <3 Please only join to spread kindness here too!

Play Roblox and chat with friends. Game plan. Bloxburg building ideas. And YOUTUBE IDEAS

Hello I made this server to meet new people and to have people meet each other also I have the hope that I will start a Minecraft server so yeah that will be soon if you guys are interested. Please be aware that this is a new server so

Roblox Designing Server - Assets - Giveaways - Contests - Designing Help - Game nights

Discord server for a naruto Minecraft server

Poka poka is where the fun aesthetic people can talk and make friends and grow as besties. Have fun, be kind, no trolling. Just learning new thing about editing and aesthetics by us and your friends.

Gaming community that has been online for 5+ years! Thousands of connections per month with lots of different gameservers.

This Server is for all the bad bleeps out there in the world who want to make friends, broaden their relationships and horizons. Share your Socials and Your GamerTags. Enjoy Bleeps.