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my server welcomes everyone, non-toxic, everyone is nice and sweet there we have fun bots to play with, we have a gaming chat as well at the moment it's not active because we don't have a lot of people but it's ok, I would love if you joined

Niente regole potete fare tutto ciò che volete bruh

It's a newly made server with nice people in it No bulling No nsfw content Nice place to chill and relax Not messy

Crill's Cafe is still small but our members are extremely active. ☕Over 250 weekly voice hours☕ Friendly and active chats☕Fun bots for gambling☕


In this server, we just like to chill, meet new people and what we will be doing is hosting a Minecraft Java SMP when we get 15 people that would like to join. We host competitions sometimes for money and just generally have fun, and yea that's it.

Free call of duty lobbies hosted by us for every one for free join now come have fun

Play among us with your friends or strangers using vc!

Although we are small, we are a Anime / Gaming server. With the theme of a Café

A new server for all waifu lovers. come here to discuss your favourite anime and waifu. we have weekly events and much more. looking for a team of mods to help aid my server in its growth :)

Welcome! This is a peaceful server where you are free to talk about anything you wish, however, the initial members have a keen interest in gaming, art, and music. So, if you are interested in any of those things, you will fit in especially well.

╭┈─────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- Hello there! Would you like to join a friendly and active server? Do you love Gaming? If so, look no further! Join the GMR Nation!

Windows Fangroup serves to Highlight everything great about all the various Microsoft Windows Operating systems!

Come check it out! https://discord.gg/spuTAHZ6 or server ID is 785956458637426709


We play all games together, don’t worry we’re not little kids.