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server made for gaming anime and computer enthusiast

Gaming centre for everyone. Post YouTube videos, promotions, games including Injustice2 Mobile, Roblox, Minecraft, AmongUs, Pokémon and much more. A fun and friendly place to hangout and interact with ppl from all over the world. Welcome to join in

Adventurous like-minded players! This server is one meant for mature and high-quality peoples such as you! Looking forward to seeing ya!

Shell Shockers Clan Please Join https://discord.gg/aBQ8V7eV69

Hiya! I’m glad you found this server! Here we are mainly a server for furries or people who support them! We have both sfw and nsfw areas(pending verification) We are a new server and quite empty at the moment but would really like to grow!

We are a group of individual that just like to socialize while playing games. We sometimes stream our antics on Twitch and it is in the planning to create a Facebook group, Twitter account and a YouTube channel.

Join this Discord to promote your content, chat with other creators and connect with my own stream!

B40 discord server


✦B40, is a server to chill and hangout in to meet new people.✦ ✦We host fun events and give away, we have nice emojis and VC's are always alive.✦ ✦The server is 14+, we play many different games and the chat is mostly active.✦ B40 welcomes you! :)

Weebs R Us is a server for people to hang out. You can chat, call, and stream. There are 51 custom colors and some bots to have fun. There are not many members as of right now but I hope it can grow :D

For meeting new people and socializing through a wide range of topics and discussions. (NO NSFW)

A nice calm server of gamers to hang out.

friendly community and games💖

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We are a friendly gaming community that welcomes new gamers pro gamers or just anyone who wants to chill.

Welcome to my community server! ------------------------------------------------- This server is for everyone that wants to talk and make friends! We're small, i know We have an amazing staff and members I'm doing a giveaway at 100 members!