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play, chat, draw, make friends in this cossy server :)

A great community where we discuss all topics related to Lex Fridman Podcast and then some.

128 discord server


Warning: if ur "sensitive" or get upset easily dont join, we will insult you Chill server with minimal moderation, but if ur not cool, ima ban you. lots of stuff to do: chill, play Minecraft realms please ilysm join <3

Gaming Community full of good people.

Deutsche Gaming-Community. Veranstalten des Öfteren Projekte und Turniere in verschiedenen Spielen.

A Streamer-Owned Community Network, featuring a variety of social and gaming activity.

Rocket league trading server for cash trades and every platform normal trades also trusted middle men

(Alpha) Take a stroll down to Vent Cafe when you’re feeling down. We have memes, games, wholesome animals and more. Our special for today is the Depresso Espresso. We hope you feel welcome!

A server dedicated to producing online movies, films, or animations.

We are a casual gaming community of like minded individuals, who focus on tactical shooters.

Only kool kyds allowed >:3

The official server of the cheesy bot

A calm discord server for nice people!

Jest to oficjalny serwer modpacku RealCraft.