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A mock Government of the United States where you start off as a Member of the House of Representatives and can rise the ranks into the Presidency.

Just a place to hangout and chill and have fun in general

In our little town, we like to hang out in the courtyard and chill! But watch out- there's Mafia hidden in the shadows!

Welcome to the despair inducing server, Danganronpa♥️🧈 !! We have Roleplaying, Vent chat, Channels for each game, And more!! #Danganronpa #Thh #Sdr2 DrV3 #Udg

A community server

Welcome to Ampharos Cafe, if you dont wanne join instantly don't worry. Maybe these reasons can change your mind: 🗣The goal of the server is to have **active** members that are talking about multiple shows/games🗣

I would really appreciate it if you can join you don't even have to be active it's also for my YouTube channel this is also my first server I'm a small YouTube creator I just appreciate it if you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and join my server

Pls join its fun plssss im a youtuber 😁

Welcome to the OG SERVER.

My server got purged at 300 members due to one member.. We are just trying to grow again. We have a level 2 server boost as well! I will be hosting giveaways and streaming movies and shows (Like the Mandalorian S2)

This is a server that is based on technology really! We would love to one day become a discord partnered server but will have to see!

LFG server! Meet new friends! Also has a Minecraft bedrock realm.

A chill server for late-night gaming and chatting!

A friendly and welcoming community to share everything about programming, mostly C#. Our main goal is to create an environment where people can learn, collaborate and have fun all at the same time!