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Join because Opotamus.

This server is where you can chat about your favorite anime or game fandom. It is a small new developing server but I'm sure you'll have a good time. There is only 1 owner and some staff, if you'd like to help us out you could become a staff.

Want to make new friends, chill, hang out, post memes, or vibe to music? If yes, then Da Meme Street is the perfect choice for you! - Hiring Staff - Custom Emojis - Fun bots - Movie nights, giveaways, and more! - Good moderation bots! - Active chat!

it's honestly a server for a Minecraft smp i am starting but i want as much chaos on it as humanely possible, alphabet mafia, weebs, gamers, you name it, you're all welcome.

A small group looking to grow. We are pretty active throughout the whole night (no, really. we'll stay til sunrise). We like to chill out a lot and play rocket league, fortnite, GTA 5, VR Chat, and more! Feel free to join and introduce yourselves.

This Server is for all Truthers, Christian and Non-Christian. Plenty of Community Channels and Truther Topics, Health, Music, Gaming, Fun, and more. Separate Orthodox and Non-Orthodox Faith Categories. 18+. Take the πŸ’Š and check us out.

Welcome to Frogland! We're a server themed around frogs, snails and pond aesthetics!


Server with opening arms to all users!

Grand Lethal X Revolt Armada a two guild that has merged to bring the fight to the monsters on Monster Hunter series, come and join in the Fight for supremacy!

Γ—18yo girl who wants to be spoiled Γ—nsfw/feet pic sell Γ—I like gaming, cosplaying and anime Γ—sugar Daddys/Mommys only

Welcome to A Pound Near You! On this server we strive for active members and a over all fun experience. We like to voice chat and chill out. I hope you enjoy your stay!

A fun, friendly, community dedicated to worshiping Lil Uzi Vert as a good (a joke don't take it serious). We're a welcoming community so don't be afraid to pop in and say hello! We're small ATM but we have big dreams! Come join us!

a new and great server but needs members!

Community Discord for the mobile game Craft Legend: Epic Adventure.