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HOWDY!!! Welcome to The Peanut Gallery, a western themed server with friendly members that does Game Nights, Movie Nights and Anime Nights.

A friendly server with amazing moderators and a welcoming community! Everyone's welcome, just make sure to behave :)

The Neighborhood likes to get together quite often. We host happenings like Dinner Nights, Minecraft Adventures, Open Mics. We talk about life, science, art, and change. If you're searching for an honest, wholesome community; we're right here.

sunflower study is a server centered around homework help and studying! If you are looking for a place to learn and/or help others grow, our server is perfect for you! We are still growing and are always open to suggestions! Hope to see you stop by!

We are mainly on reddit-https://www.reddit.com/r/WallstreetBreakers/hot/ But, this is our discord server! Mainly for good times, discussion, and yes stonks/stocks! Join in on the Breakers! We try to create a great community so your opinion will matter!

THE FIRST ONLINE SCHOOL ON DISCORD! A large team of real teachers and students will help you with anything school-related. We are a welcoming community for every school grade (13y/o+), feel free to join! ( we are also hiring!)

*as she walks into Discord Street like a lost kitty and she sniffs all over* Well, Hello! UwU Are you looking for really chill friendly gaming server to join? here never expire link for ya *giggles* (https://discord.gg/jFKCJv3u2a) P.S: "No to Racism!" X3

Gus & Emily welcome all greenhorns & seasoned farmers! Play co-op with others, share farming tales or simply soak up the atmosphere, like Gus's beer mats. Formerly the largest Stardew Valley community on PlayStation, but all platforms are welcome!

Just a server with people having fun.

A friendly and fun AU Naruto RP server.

Little Safe Haven is a SFW little space and age regression server for both caregivers and littles alike! You can mingle, ask for advice, find people like you or even find resources to help you in your adventure! Hope to see you there!

OPCraft is a community-based variety Minecraft network that was founded in 2013.

Want to chat with fellow Dragon Tamer members to work on projects to help other players? DTG is where we work on projects to help other Dragon Tamer players and hangout sometimes! We have a welcoming community and we would love to add you! (;

Es una comunidad agradable donde pasaras momentos únicos e inolvidables, diviértete con los demás usuarios en nuestros eventos, sorteos y en nuestros canales de diversión. Es un servidor libre de expresarte mientras no afectes a nadie. ¡Te esperamos!

Hello and welcome to xBOMBx! This is a server dedicated to gaming (top rated games are: Apex Legends, Rocket League, CoD MW and so on...) Find people to play with you, make new friends, stream videos, listen to music and much more!

The server for my YouTube Channel Unseen!