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Server for sharing music you like and music you make!

An art oriented server where you can share drawings, writing, characters, and game development! We have events like art raffles, competitions, etc! Come make some friends!!

A general hangout for many topics, Gaming, Streaming, Cars, Advice, Music, Radio, General fun and all suggestions are welcomed!

Rapidly growing gaming community with over 680+ members! Chill and meet nice people! πŸ’›

We are a very active community with people making friends everyday, also it is very easy to earn ranks, we typically talk about games and play games in our community so come join us now!

An indie game studio server producing sim / tycoon games like. We need your feedback and comments, so join our Discord to create games with us!

Hello. In this server we game and chill. This isnt a toxic server and there is no racism. We play different games and are youtubers.

This is a Doctor Who discord Server based around the time war but not limited to it. Classic Who, New Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, EU canon, and beyond are all welcome on our server.

A up and coming server for rookies, to vets of the streaming, and gameing game.

SenS es un espacio para hablar de juegos, escuchar mΓΊsica y escribir ocurrencias.

welcome to ✨Grand blue Heaven we are a server that has everthing anime manga gaming bots watch movies tv shows make friends ask to play video games with someone dating and more stuff oh feel free ask any suggestion

⚑ Slurpy Shop⚑ New custom server quality chats, voice chats and bots and community interaction prioritization on feedback. FEATURES β€’Fun Bots β€’Friendly Moderators & Members β€’lots of text channels β€’Proper moderation β€’more features to come

not many people in the server all for fun join to meet new people and find friends

The Space Tavern is a relaxed gaming inspired sever which welcomes everyone in its community, the space tavern equates to a lot of peoples preferences which include memes, music, chat, giveaways and much more. So what your waiting for and join TODAY!